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An Dealachadh

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Intro: G-G-G-G   G-G-C-G   G-G-C-D-D   G-G-Bm-C-C   Em-D-G-Gsus4-G   G-Gsusu4-G.

Tha (G)ceo geal na madainn
(C)Ard air a (G)bheinn
Gach allt, eas is struthan
A' (C)ruith tron a' (D)ghleann -D
'As (G)cionn glor na cruinne
Tha (Bm)soillse air a' (C)chrun -C
Tha'n (Em)diugh air (D)carradh (G)bhuain -Gsus4-G   G-Gsusu4-G

Nuair a' (G)sgaras an t-slighe
Thig (C)sealladh gu (G)duinne
Nas soilleir na geallach
Nas (C)domhainn nan (D)cuan -D
An (G)duigh ni mi t'fhagal
Ri (Bm)taobh oir a' (C)chuairt -C
Le gach (Em)miann 's gach (D)beannachd (G)dhut - G-G-C-G   G-G-C-G-G

(G)'S de math 'bhi beachd-smaoint
No (C)coimhead ri ar (G)cul
Tha an t-slighe tha roimhinn
Nas (C)fharsainn nan (D)saoghal -D
Gach (G)ionad nam anam
A (Bm)lionadh gu (C)tuil -C
Le (Em)agh, le (D)bron, le (G)gaol

English Translation

The white morning mist
Is high on the hill
Each river, waterfall and stream
Running through the glens
And above the glory of the earth
Light is shining on the crown
That has today tilted away from us

When there is a parting of the ways
An understanding comes to man
It’s brighter than the moon
Deeper than the ocean
Today I will leave you
On the edge of a journey
With ever good wish and blessing

What use is there in contemplation
Or in looking in the past
The road that lies ahead of us
Is wider than the world
And each hidden part of my being
Is filling up to overflowing
With joy, with sorrow, with love


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