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An Eala Bhan lyrics and chords

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An Eala Bhan lyrics and guitar chords, a traditional song from Scotland which tells of the horrors while serving in the first world war in France and longing for his girl back home in Scotland. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach and the video is by Julie Fowlis.

Gur (G)duilich (D)leam (C)mar tha (G)mi
'S mo (Em)chridhe 'n (D)sas
aig (C)bron
Bhon an uair a (G)dh'fhag mi
(Em)Beanntan (D)ard a' (G)cheo
(Em)Gleanntannan a'(G)mhanrain
Nan (Em)loch, nam (D)bagh 's nan (G)srom
'S an (Em)eala (D)bhan tha (C)tamh (G)ann
Gach (Em)la air 'm (Am)bheil mi 'n (C)toir.

A (G)Mhagaidh (D)na bi (C)tur(G)sach
A (Em)ruin, ged (D)gheibhinn (C)bas-
Co am fear am (G)measg an t-sluaigh
A (Em)mhaireas (D)buan gu (G)brath?
(Em)Chan eil sinn uile (G)ach air chuairt
Mar (Em)dhithein (D)buaile (G)fas
(Em)Bheir sian(D)tannan na (C)blianna (G)sios
'S nach (Em)tog a' (Am)ghrian an (C)aird.

Tha 'n (G)talamh (D)leir mun (C)cuairt dhi(G)om
'Na (Em)mheallan (D)suas 's na (C)neoil;
Aig na 'shells (G)a' bualadh -
Cha (Em)leir dhomh (D)bhuam le (G)ceo:
(Em)Gun chlaisneachd aig (G)mo chluasan
Le (Em)fuaim a' (D)ghunna (G)mhoir;
Ach (Em)ged tha 'n (D)uair seo (C)cruaidh (G)orm
Tha mo (Em)smuaintean (Am)air Nic(C)Leoid.

Air (G)m' uilinn (D)anns na (C)truinnsi(G)chean
Tha (Em)m' inntinn (D)ort, a (C)ghraidh;
Nam chadal bidh mi (G)a' bruadar ort
Cha (Em)dualach (D)dhomh bhith (G)slan;
(Em)Tha m' aigne air (G)a lionadh
Le (Em)ciana(D)las cho (G)lan
'S a'(Em)ghruag a dh'(D)fhas (C)cho ruadh (G)orm
A (Em)nis air (Am)thuar bhith (C)ban







(G)Oidhche (D)mhath leat (C)fhein, a (G)ruin
Nad (Em)leabaidh (D)chubhraidh (C)bhlath;
Cadal samhach (G)air a chul
Do (Em)dhusgadh (D)sunndach (G)slan
Tha (Em)mise 'n seo 's an (G)truinnsidh fhuar
'S nam (Em)chluasan (D)fuaim (G)bhais
Gun (Em)duil ri (D)faighinn (C)as le (G)buaidh -
Tha 'n (Em)cuan cho (Am)buan ri (C)shnamh.

English Translation:
Sad I consider my condition
With my heart engaged with sorrow
From the very time that I left
The high bens of the mist
The little glens of dallaince
Of the lochans, the bays and the forelands
And the white swan dwelling there
Whom I daily pursue.

Maggie, don't be sad
Love, if I should die -
Who among men
Endures eternally?
We are all only on a journey
Like flowers in the deserted cattle fold
That the year's wind and rain will bring down
And that the sun cannot raise.

All the ground around me
Is like hail in the heavens;
With the shells exploding -
I am blinded by smoke:
My ears are deafened
By the roar of the cannon;
But despite the savagery of the moment
My thoughts are on the girl called MacLeod.

Crouched in the trenches
My mind is fixed on you, love;
In sleep I dream of you
I am not fated to survive;
My spirit is filled
With a surfeit of longing
And my hair once so auburn
Is now almost white.

Goodnight to you, love
In your warm, sweet-smelling bed;
May you have peaceful sleep and afterwards
May you waken healthy and in good spirits
I am here in the cold trench
With the clamour of death in my ears
With no hope of returning victorious-
The ocean is too wide to swim.

AN EALA BHAn Scottish Song lyrics and guitar chords


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