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The Armagh Sniper Lyrics + Chords

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The Armagh Sniper Guitar Chords And Lyrics
For Youtube-version use Capo on 1st fret, guitar chords corected by Marc Fahrbach, Intro, Bridge & Outro (Proposal)Am-Am-G-G    Em-G-Am-Am

In [Am] South Armagh there was a man who had a long ranged gun

He said "I`ll show them army boys there`s nowhere they can run"

He was the South Armagh sniper

He`d pick a spot and wait the whole day [Em] through

Until a Brit patrol came into [Am] view

The [A] Armagh sniper he never missed his mark

He was [D] lethal in the daytime and deadly in the dark

If he [A] gets you in his sights you`d better say your [E] prayers

So British troops go home or else [Am] beware


[Am] Soon his reputation spread through Ulster like wildfire

The list of British casualties just kept on getting higher

It was the South Armagh sniper

He made the British forces think a[Em]gain

Of wandering at night through Crossma[Am]glen

The [A]Armagh sniper the Brits were terrified

They could [D] never pin him down no matter how they tried

If he [A]gets you in his sights he`ll make widows of your [E] wives

So Brits go home while you still have your [Am] lives


[Am] Now in London and in Dublin they pretend to speak of peace

They say give us your guns and we shall make this bloodshed cease

But the South Armagh sniper

He`s heard their lies and double talk be[Em]fore

He won`t be fooled or cheated any[Am]more

The [A]Armagh sniper he hasn`t gone away

His [D] rifles always loaded he`s just waiting for the day

So [A]if the British forces should break their word well [E] then

The sniper will go back to work a[Am] gain

The IRA sniping activities further restricted the freedom of movement of the British Army in South Armagh by hindering their patrols. The MoD issued a new type of body armour, which was both expensive (4,000) and too heavy (32 lbs) for use on patrol. The morale of the troops was so low that some servicemen had to be disciplined for remaining in shelter while under orders to check vehicles. A British major said that:
"That meant that to some extent the IRA had succeeded in forcing troops off the ground and it made helicopters more vulnerable so we had to guard against using them too much.


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