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As I Roved Out Lyrics Chords

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As I Roved Out lyrics and chords by Christy Moore-Traditional, Recorded by Christy Moore and Planxty

[C]And who are you, me pretty fair maid
And[Dm] who are you, me[C] honey
And[Dm] who are you, me[C] pretty fair maid
And[Dm] who are you, me[C] honey?
She[Dm] answered me quite[Am] modestly,
"I [C]am me mother's darling."
cho: With me[Dm] too-ry-ay
Di-re fol-de-diddle
Dai-rie[Dm] oh.
And will you come to me mother's house,
When the sun is shining clearly ( repeat )
I'll open the door and I'll let you in
And divil 'o one would hear us.
So I went to her house in the middle of the night
When the moon was shining clearly ( repeat )
Shc opened the door and she let me in
And divil the one did hear us.
She took me horse by the bridle and the bit
And she led him to the stable ( repeat )
Saying "There's plenty of oats for a soldier's horse,
To eat it if he's able."
Then she took me by the lily-white hand
And she led me to the table ( repeat )
Saying "There's plenty of wine for a soldier boy,
To drink it if you're able."
Then I got up and made the bed
And I made it nice and aisy ( repeat )
Then I got up and laid her down
Saying "Lassie, are you able?"
And there we lay till the break of day
And divil a one did hear us ( repeat )
Then I arose and put on me clothes
Saying "Lassie, I must leave you."
And when will you return again
And when will we get married ( repeat )
When broken shells make Christmas bells
We might well get married.

As I Roved Out-Andy Irvine (planxty)

(Em)As I roved(D) out, on a bright(A) May mo(D)rning,

To view(G) the (Em)meadows and(D) flowers (A)gay

Whom(G) should I (Em)spy but my (A)own true(Em) lover
As(G) she sat under yon willow(A) tree.

I took off my hat and I did salute her
I did salute her, most courageously
When she turned around, well, the tears fell from her
Saying, “False young man, you have deluded me.”
“A diamond ring I owned I gave you,
A diamond ring to wear on your right hand…”
“But the vows you made, love, you went and broke them
And married the lassie that had the land.”

“If I married the lassie that had the land, my love,
It’s that I’ll rue ‘til the day I die
When misfortune falls, sure no man can shun it
I was a blind fool, I’ll ne’er deny.”
Now at nights when I go to my bed of slumber
The thoughts of my true love run in my mind
When I turn around to embrace my darling
Instead of gold, sure ‘tis brass I find.
And I wish the Queen would call home her army,
From the West Indies, Amerikay and Spain
And every man to his wedded woman...
In hopes that you and I will meet again.


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