Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

Back To Donegal

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Back To Donegal Lyrics And Guitar Chords by Rory McLoud. chord structure throughout the whole song (except instrumental parts): G-C-C-G G-C-C-G G-Am-Am-G G-Am-Am-G. Folk song.

[G]Back to Done[C]gal Going to see Old [G]Leo

Into Roddens [C]bar Paul don t forget your [G]banjo

Knock up all the [Am]old tribe Laurence, Liam, [G]Billy

Hilary, Eileen, [Am]Seercha on the banks of Lough [G]Swilly

We saw the [G]big yellow moon go [C]down; we played all night in [G]Letterkenny

Singing the Whistling [C]thief all my mates were whistling with [G]me

Playing tunes upon the [Am]ferry from Holy head or [G]Stranraer

[G]Hitched ourselves a [Am]ride to the steps of the Gweedor [G]bar

After rolling out some tunes and all the cans that we could carry

All pile in Seamus Macs bus through the road blocks outside Derry

John shouts for ‘Paddy on the Turnpike’…Laurence shouts ‘Oh can ya/

Everyone we know there we must be in Buncranna

Stephen winks at Dinny Dinny winks at Paul

Tomas is cradling his pipes, Martins cradling a football

Home to see old friends and family, feeling ten feet tall

From West Kilburn to Paddington Basin…back to Donegal

Playing sets of reels and jigs, oh how I feel my soul flies

From the bar to someone’s kitchen, singing to the sunrise

Elliet’s fiddle-bow is scratching, ‘The Devil’s jig’ from her violin

Paul’s long fingers picking ‘The Butchers Apron’, plucking on his banjo skin

(Paddy on the Turnpike)

Steve’s hand is like a humming bird, whipping out rhythm on the mandolin

Smiling like George Formby, it makes me smile to see him grin

Catch the flying tune; it’s skipping and a-rolling in the rhythm

Catching a fiddler’s dark brown eyes, I can’t stop looking in them.



Such a crazy love we can’t get enough

I’m in love with the whole damn crowd of my friends

I’m in love with them; we’re in love with the tune

We’re in love with the dance that will never end

We’re in love with the winding roads that bend

Through the mountains, valleys and down through the Glen

We’re in love with the glimmering light on the hills

We’re in love with the bar that pays all our bills

(Wise Maid)

The rhythm takes a hold of me; I can’t keep my feet still

This one’s for the barman, the one who keep’s my glass filled

Fionualla’s crying a story of love that’s she’s been bursting to tell

Someone’s torn the clanger out of the landlords drinking bell

Ask the landlord to give us some of that beer that we’re helping him to sell

Give us that song, you know how it goes ’the town I love so well’

We don’t know where we going, but we’ll tell you where we’ve been

I’m touching the earth, I’m a travelling Ma and I’m joking with Ossian

I’ve come from the land of the ever-young

I’m a fool who keeps on falling in love

I love women and I can’t get enough, I’ll dance with them till my legs fall off

Teach them the Hokey Kokey, laughing we’ll dance arm in arm

Now we’re off to Downing’s, Ballyshannon and Strabane

Killybegs, Malinhead then Sheephaven and Coleraine

As true to our word the last time we were here that we’d be back again

When we’re travelling we’ll give your love to somebody who knows you

Lock us in here with you land lord we’ve got no homes to go to

Instrumental Bridge / Tune ‘The Pride Of Petravore’
Em-Em-Em-Em   D-D-D-D   Em-Em-Em-Em   B7-B7-Em-Em (2x)
C-C-G-G   B7-B7-Em-Em   C-C-G-G   Em-B7-Em-Em (2x)


I feel I’m tearing myself away I’ll love you and I’ll leave ya

I’ll be back some old day to West Kilburn and Buncranna

The barman’s shouting out to everybody ’Have you got no homes to go to?’

I sing ‘I’ve got no home in this world anymore’ I’m just passing through

Home is where my friends are and you are all part of me

I’ll leave you with this song are you coming

Or are you going to try to stop me/


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