Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The Ballad Of Jim Glover

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The Ballad Of Jim Glover Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Johnny McEvoy. Johnny played this song in a key of B major with capo on the 4th fret 4/4. From the album Never Smelt The Roses.

Intro:  Play one Instrumental verse/chorus


[C]Angel killed Jim [G]Glover

With a [C]bullet to the [G]head

A [C]single shot rang [G]out that [Em]night,

Left [C]Jimmy [D]Glover [G]dead


She [C]washed her hair, she [G]swept the floor

Then [C]kissed her kids good[G]night

[C]Brought herself a [G]glass of [Em]wine

[C]Then slept un[D]til day[G]light



And it’s [C]easy come, [G]easy go

That’s [C]how the story [G]ends

[C]Rock the cradle, [G]sing the [Em]rhyme

[C][See what to[D]morrow [G]sends


[C]Jim worked in the [G]city,

An [C]easy sort of [G]guy

[C]Worked two jobs and [G]paid the [Em]bills

[C]Never [D]once asked [G]why


On [C]Sundays brought his [G]kids to mass

Put [C]money on the [G]plate

[C]Drank a beer and [G]watched the [Em]game

[C]Then went to [D]meet his [G]mates



Bridge: Play one Instrumental verse/chorus


[C]Life is never [G]what it seems

Or [C]so they always [G]say

[C]Someone always [G]gets it [Em]wrong

[C]And goes the [D]other [G]way


And [C]what goes on be[G]hind closed doors

No[C]body ever [G]knows

[C]One step too far, one [G]blow too [Em]much

[C]Sometimes it’s [D]how it [G]goes


Chorus twice


Repeat 1st verse

 Song Words Without Chords

Angel killed Jim Glover

With a bullet to the head

A single shot rang out that night,

Left Jimmy Glover dead


She washed her hair, she swept the floor

Then kissed her kids goodnight

Brought herself a glass of wine

Then slept until daylight



And it’s easy come, easy go

That’s how the story ends

Rock the cradle, sing the rhyme

See what tomorrow sends


Jim worked in the city,

An easy sort of guy

Worked two jobs and paid the bills

Never once asked why


On Sundays brought his kids to mass

Put money on the plate

Drank a beer and watched the game

Then went to meet his mates




Life is never what it seems

Or so they always say

Someone always gets it wrong

And goes the other way


And what goes on behind closed doors

Nobody ever knows

One step too far, one blow too much

Sometimes it’s how it goes



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