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Ballymurphy Massacre Song

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Before the [C] break of dawn on [G] August 9th, nine-[Dm]-teen and seventy [Am] one,
You [C] came to take our [G] men and our boys, but [F] worse was yet to [G] come,
Came [C] at us with your guns and your [G] orders, and a [Dm] guaranteed free [Am] reign,
You took el-[C]-even innocent [G] lives from us, then you [F] butchered their good [G] names,
Oh we [C] just want the truth, that your [G] trying to hide, you [Am] know that we wont go a-[F]-way,
For all of [C] Ballymurphys innocent [G] victims, the [Am] wounded, the murdered and [F] slain,
Its been [C] such a long time and you [G] hoped wed forgot, but the [Am] truth will come out in the [F] end
For a [C] proud and unbroken [G] people, with a [F] spirit you cant break or [G] bend,

Father [C] Mullan was blessing the [G] wounded, while he [Dm] waved white baby [Am] clothes,
You [C] cut him down in [G] cold blood, while he [F] wore his clerical [G] robes,
And [C] young Frank Quinn, just [G] 19 years, went to [Dm] see what he could [Am] do,
And as he [C] bravely went to Father [G] Mullans aid, you [F] killed him in cold blood [G] too,

Then as the [C] crowd began to [G] gather, all a-[Dm]-round about the [Am] Manse,
You [C] opened fire at the [G] gathering, God they [F] didnt stand a [G] chance,
And when the [C] Para guns stopped [G] firing, Dan [Dm] Teggart lay there [Am] dead,
A [C] man with thirteen [G] children, shot [F] fourteen times with [G] lead,

Noel [C] Philips lay there [G] wounded, he was [Dm] crying out for [Am] aid,
Joan [C] Connolly tried to [G] help him, and just for [F] that you blew off half of her [G] face,
And you [C] left her lying [G] bleeding, she was [Dm] wounded fatal-[Am]-ly,
Eight [C] children without a [G] mother, they only [F] found out while watching T-[G]-V,


Now you [C] came out in your [G] armoured car, to lift the [Dm] wounded and the [Am] dead,
And at [C] point blank range, exe-[G]-cuted young Noel, with [F] two in the back of the [G] head,
You [C] lifted an injured Joe [G] Murphy, and beat him, and [Dm] left him nearly [Am] dead,
And you [C] shot him with a rubber [G] bullet, into the [F] hole that youd just made with [G] lead,

Then you [C] beat the bodies of the [G] living and dead, with your [Dm] fists and your boots and your [Am] guns,
Was it [C] bloodlust, or drugs or [G] orders, your [F] orders to shock and [G] stun.
But your [C] bloodlust just didnt [G] end there, there were [Dm] still two days to [Am] go,
You [C] shot Eddie Doherty the [G] very next day, as he [F] walked from his parents [G] home,

Still [C] four more men were [G] yet to die, by your [Dm] bullets and your [Am] fear,
John [C] Laverty, Joe Corr and [G] John McKerr, you [F] shot them from far and from [G] near,
And for [C] Paddy McCarthy, a [G] heart attack, he was [Dm] wounded, harassed and then [Am] beat,
But your [C] mock execution, well [G] that did the trick, without [F] aid, made to lie on the [G] street,


Its been [C] such a long time, and you [G] hoped wed forgot, but the [Am] truth will come out in the [F] end,
We are the [C] kin of the Ballymurphy [G] Massacre dead,,,
And well [F] fight for the truth til the [G] very [F] end, [G] [C]


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