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Bantry Girls Lament Song Lyrics

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THE BANTRY GIRLS LAMENT Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (traditional) Irish folk.

Lyrics and chords fit Johnny McEvoy’s version from his album ‚Never Smelt The Roses‘  The singers in the youtube video are Joanie Madden, Frances Black and Mary Black. Musicians play a central roll in the making of any C.D. yet seldom get a mention, there's some fine musicians involved in this song and deserve some credit.

Oh [C]who will plough the fields now
And who will sow the [G]corn
And [C]who will watch the sheep now
And have them [G]nicely [C]shorn
And the stack that's in the haggard
Unthrashed it may re[G]main
Since [C]Johnny went a trashing
The far off [G]king of [C]Spain

Oh [C]the girls from the Banóg
In sorrow may re[G]tire
And the [C]piper and his bellows
For Johnny, lovely Johnny
Went sailing o'er the [G]main
A[C]long with other patriots
To fight the [G]king of [C]Spain

Now the [C]boys will sorely miss him
When money more comes [G]round
And  [C]grieve that there bold captain
Is nowhere [G]to be [C]found
The peelers must stand idle
Against there will and [G]grain
For the [C]valiant boy who gave them work
Now fights the [G]king of [C]Spain

Bridge: C-C-G-G   F-F-C-C

At [C]wakes and hurling matches
Your likes we'll never [G]see
Till [C]you come back to us again
Mo stóirín [G]óg mo [C]chroí
And once you trounce the buckeens
That show us much dis[G]dain
Be[C]cause our eyes are not as bright
As those you'll [G]find in [C]Spain

Oh if [C]cruel fate should not permit
Our Johnny to re[G]turn
His [C]heavy loss we Bantry girls
Will never [G]cease to [C]mourn
We'll resign ourselves to our sad lot
And die in grief and [G]pain
Since [C]Johnny died for Ireland's pride
In the foreign [G]land of [C]Spain


Outro: C-C-C-C   G-G-C-C


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