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The Best Of Friends Must Part

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The Best Of Friends Must Part The Irish Rovers Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. George Millar (transcribed by Ed Marquette) Also included is another song by The Irish Rovers, ''The Jolly Rovin Tar''. Capo 3th fret on both songs.

[G]It’s grand to see [C]old friends a[A]gain as we come [D]ramblin’ through
And [G]talk about the [C]times we’ve [G]had and [D]raise a glass or [G]two
For when we are [C]together off [A]on memor[D]ies we recall
And [G]long will I re[C]member your [G]kindness to [D]us [G]all. (chorus)
[G]Long have we been  c[C]omrades and [A]true friends since [D] first  we  met
And [G]never has an an[C]gry word pass[G]ed betw[D]een us [G]yet
Man[G]y’s the night [C]we’ve laughed [A]and sung until the [D]break of day
And [G]fondly will I [C]think on you [G]when I am [D]far a[G]way (chorus)
[G]It’s sad I am for leav[C]ing but the[A] best of friends must[D] part
I’m [G]going to a fore[C]ign shore although[G] it gri[D]eves my [G]heart
We’ll put our trust in [C]providence that[A] soon we’ll meet a[D]gain
I [G]wish you health and [C]happiness, [G]good fortune, un[D]til [G]then


And[G] when I’m on some [C]foreign shore [A]far across the [D]sea
I’ll kee[G]p you close beside[C] me you’ll be[G] in my [D]memor[G]y
And when the stor[C]my winds do bl[A]ow and hard time[D]s win the day
Our [G]laughter and [C]our friendship [G]sure will [D]clear the clouds [G]away.


Fare[D]well To You We [G]Bid Adieu, I [A]Can No Longer [D]Stay
For [G]The Night Has Gone And [C]Now’s The Hour To [G]Go Our Seprerate[D] Ways
It’s Time To Pass The [G]Parting Glass And [A]Toast The Com[D]pany
Good [G]Luck [D]And [G]Joy Be [C]With You All Wher[G]ever  [D]You May [G]Be. (last time x2)

Jolly Rovin Tar. The Irish Rovers Version. Capo 3th fret.
Well [D]here we are, we're back again safe upon the [A]shore.
In [D]Belfast town we'd like to [G]stay and [D]go to [A]sea no [D]more.
We'll [G]go into a [D]public house and [G]drink till were con[A]tent.
For the [D]lassies they will [G]love us 'till our [D]money [A]is all [D]spent.
So [G]pass the flowing [D]bowl while there's[Em] whisky in the [G]jar
and we'll[D] drink to all the [G]lassies at the[Em] Jolly [A]Roving [D]Tar.

"Oh Johnny did ya miss me when the nights were long and cold,
or did you find another love in your arms to hold."
Says he, "I thought of only you while on the sea afar
so come up the stairs and cuddle with your Jolly Roving Tar!"

Well in each others arms they rode till the break of day.
When the sailor rose and said "Farewll I must be on me way."
"Why don't ya leave me Johnny lad, I thought you'd marry me!"
Says he "I can't get married for I'm married to the sea!"
Well come on you buddy lassies now, a warning take by me.
Never trust an Irishman an inch above your knee!
He'll tease you and he'll please you but when he's had his fun,
he'll leave you in the morning with a daughter or a son!


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