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BLE’RWYT TI’N MYNED? Lyrics And Guitar Chords. A Welsh Folk Song.The chords fit the version by Pererin on their album Teithgan. The lyrcis of the chorus differ in some parts.

(Dm)’Ble’ Rwyt Ti’n Myned, fy (C)morwyn ffein (Dm)i?’
(Gm)’Myned i odro, O (Dm)Syr,’ mynte (A7)hi.

’A (Dm)gaf fiu ddod gyda thi, fy (C)morwyn ffein (Dm)i?’
(Gm)’Cwech os dewiswch, O (Dm)Syr’ mynte (A7)hi.

(Dm)Dau rosyn coch, a (F)dauly (C)lygad (Dm)du;
Yn y (Gm)baw a’r (Dm)llaca, O Syr, (A7)gwelwch (Dm)fi.

’A (Dm)gaf fi in gusan, fy (C)morwnyn ffein (Dm)i?’
(Gm)’Beth ydy hwnnw, O (Dm)Syr?’ mynte (A7)hi.

’A (Dm)gaf dy briodi, fy (C)morwyn ffein (Dm)i?’
(Gm)’Oy bydd mam yn fodlon, O (Dm)Syr,’ mynte (A7)hi.

Fast Chorus 4x
Instrumental Part

’Beth (Dm)yw dy waddol, fy (C)morwyn ffein (Dm)i?’
(Gm)’Cymaint ag a welwch, O (Dm)Syr;’ mynte (A7)hi.

(Dm)’Yna ni’th briodaf, fy (C)morwyn ffein (Dm)i,’
(Gm)’Ni ofynnais i chi, O (Dm)Syr,’ mynte (A7)hi.
Fast Chorus 4x
Instrumental Outro

English Translation

’Where are you going, my pretty fair maid?
’Going milking, O Sir,’ she said.

’Can I come with you, my pretty fair maid?’
’If you wish, Sir,’ she said.

Two red roses and two black eyes
In the mud and mire, O Sir, see me,

’Can I have a kiss , my pretty fair maid?’
’Pray, what ist hat Sir,’ she said.

’Can I marry you, my pretty fair maid?’
’If my mother is willing Sir,’ she said.

’What is your dowry, my pretty fair maid?’
’As much as you can see, O Sir,’ she said.

’Then I won’t marry you, my pretty fair maid?’
’I didn’t ask you, O Sir,’ she said.


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