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Blood Stained Bandage

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Blood Stained Bandage-Irish Rebel song lyrics and guitar chords, and the guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach. music 6/8. Another tribute to those men who gave their lives for their country and paid the ultimate price.

A (G)cold May mornin’ was breaking

Over (Am)Dublin’s dreary town

Six(D)teen brave men have fallen

To the rifles of the (G)crown

Because they’d loved their country

And (Am)served it night and day

But be(D)fore they faced the rifles

This is what those boys did (G)say


Take a(G)way the blood-stained bandage

From (Am)off an Irish brow

We (D)fought and bled for Ireland

And we will not shirk it (G)now

We have held her in her struggle,

In an (Am)answer to her call

And be(D)cause we sought to free her

We are placed against a (G)wall

Ned (G)Daly, Heuston, Colbert

Mac(Am)Donagh and MacBride

Mac(D)Dermott and the brothers Kent

With Clarke and Plunkett (G)died

Mick Mallin, Pat and Willie Pearse

O’(Am)Hanrahan and Ceannt

And the (D)last of all James Connolly

this message to them (G)sent

Chorus twice

Sixteen brave men were executed for their part 
in the Easter uprising Dublin ireland 1916

Thomas Clarke 3 May 1916
Patrick Pearse 3 May 1916
Thomas MacDonagh 3 May 1916
Joseph Mary Plunkett 4 May 1916
Edward Daly 4 May 1916
Michael O'Hanrahan 4 May 1916
William Pearse 4 May 1916
John MacBride 5 May 1916
Con Colbert 8 May 1916
Eamonn Ceannt 8 May 1916
Michael Mallin 8 May 1916
Sean Heuston 8 May 1916
thomas kent 9 May 1916
james Connolly 12 May 1916
Sean MacDermott 12 May 1916
Roger Casment 3 August 1916 

Irish Rebel Song Blood Stained Bandage


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