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The Bold Princess Royal

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The Bold Princess Royal Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords - The Dubliners with Luke Kelly on vocals, Barney on Banjo and the mandolin player is John Sheehan. I thought I knew all of The Dubliners songs at this stage, but this is new to me I have to admit. It's down as being ''Traditional'' , either from England or Newfoundland

On the (D) 15th of April, we (G) sailed down the (D) land,
On the (A) bold Princess Royal bound (G) for Newfound(D)land.
We had 20 brave sea men in the (G) ships compa(A)ny
And (A) eastward and (G) westward right (A) boldly sailed (D) we.
 We'd only been sailing for (G) days two and (D) three
When the (A)  man at the masthead a (G) sail he did(D)  see.
She came right down on us, right (G) onward she  (A) bore.
And (A) under her (G) mizzen peak, (A) dark colours she (D) wore.
"Oh No!" cried the captain, "Now what shall we do?
"Here comes a bold pirate and he'll make us heave to."
"Oh NO," cried the chief mate, "That shall not be so.
For we'll shake out our reefs, boys, and from him we'll go."

And when that bold pirate came up along side.
With loud speaking trumpet, "Whence come you," he cried.
The chief mate ran aft and did answer him so,
"We come from the free land bound for New Calio."
 "Then let go your lee braces and heave your ship to.
For I have got letters to send there with you."

"We will let go our lee braces and heave out ship to.
Inside of some safe harbour, not along side of you."
 Then we let go our reefs boys and they hung to go.
We let go our topgallant sails and they did also.
He fired one shot after us, in hopes to prevail.
But the Bold Princess Royal soon showed him her tail.

He chaseded us and he chased-ed us throughout the long day.
He chased-ed us and he chased-ed us , but he could not no way.
He chased-ed us and he chased-ed us till night made him fail,
Then he rolled up his mizzen and straight bore away.

"Hurray!" cried the captain, "The priate has gone.
Go down to your grog boys, go down everyone.
Go down to your grog boys, and be of good cheer.
For while we have serum, brave boys never fear."

The Dubliners are an institunion in Ireland at this stage, and as for Luke Kelly, well a whole industary has has centered around him since his departure. He's regarded as the finest siner of his generation. A bit like what John McCormack was in his time. A good indicator of how popular a singer or band today is, is to see how many hits their songs receive on youtube. Well the Dubliners are by far the most popular group for Irish music on youtube. They receive more views that any other group or singer and Luke Kelly songs are one of the most searched of all time. On this site of mine for example two of the most popular songs are by Luke and The Dubs.which are ''Come My Little Son and ''The Night Visiting''. 

Bold Princess Royal Sheet Music Notes

Luke Kelly Singing Monto

Five bearded songsters from Dublin were imprisoned in
a storeroom at the rear of a Church social hall
for nearly an hour while a milling throng of admiers -
as many male as female battled for autograhps and
adopted devious ruses, such as hiding in the mens
room to get a name on a piece of paper from Ronnie
Drew and his associates, Luke Kelly Ciaran Burke
Barney McKenna and John Sheehan. The group had
played a two and a half hour show reminiscent of
a lively ballad session back home in The Embankment
or The Old Shieling. -Evening Hearald 1969


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