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Bonny Irish Maid Lyrics And Chords

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The Bonny Irish Maid Chords And Lyrics, Irish Folk Song- also known as Blackwaterside which is a different song that is already on the site for Liam Clancy. The Bonny Irish Maid is a traditional song. recorded by Sandy Denny, Bert Jansch, Anne Briggs, and Paddy And Mary Dolan. There is no information as to or who wrote the song but it was first recorded in the 1950s. Thanks to Marc for sending me the mp3.

Chords as used by Brian McNeill &Tom McDonagh with capo on 3rd fret with slightly variing lyrics


As (D)I roved out one (G)morning fair, so (D)early (A)as I (D)strayed

It being all in the month of (Em)June the (D)birds sang (A)in the (G)shade

The (D)sun shone down right merri(Em)ly and the (D)water did (A)swiftly (G)glide

Where (D)primroses and (G)daisies grow, down (D)by Black(A)water(D)side


I (D)had not gone but (G)half a mile when (D)there by (A)chance I (D)spied

Two lovers talking as they (Em)walked down (D)by Black(A)water(G)side

And (D)as he held her in his (Em)arms, these (D)words to (A)her did (G)say

"When (D)I am in A(G)merica I'll be (D)true to my (A)Irish (D)Maid"


"T’is (D)when you are in A(G)merica those (D)Yankee (A)girls you'll (D)find

And you'll have sweethearts of your (Em)own more (D)pleasing (A)to your (G)mind

Do (D)not forget the promi(Em)ses and the (D)vows you (A)made to (G)me

Oh, (D)stay at home love, (G)do not roam from your (D)bonny (A)Irish (D)maid"


"T’is (D)when I'm in A(G)merica, those (D)Yankee (A)girls I'll (D)see

And they must be very hand(Em)some, to re(D)mind me (A)love of (G)thee

For (D)there's not a bird in yonder (Em)bush or (D)flower in (A)yonder (G)glade

That (D)does remind me (G)love of thee, my (D)bonny (A)Irish (D)maid"


"It's (D)many's the foolish (G)youth" she said, "has (D)gone to some (A)foreign (D)shore

Leaving behind his own true love be(Em)hind, for (D)ne’er to (A)see no (G)more

It's in (D)crossing of the Atlantic (Em)foam, some(D)times their (A)graves are (G)made

Oh, (D)stay at home love, (G)do not roam from your (D)bonny (A)Irish (D)maid"


These (D)two young hearts to(G)gehter so (D)fondly (A)did em(D)brace

Like honey drops upon the (Em)dew, the (D)tears ran (A)down her (G)face

"There’s (D) not a day while you're a(Em)way I'll (D)visit (A)still these (G)glades

Un(D)til you do re(G)turn again to your (D)bonny (A)Irish (D)maid."

Bonny Irish Maid Chords And Lyrics


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