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Boys From The County Mayo

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The Boys From The County Mayo Lyrics Guitar Chords-Irish folk song- To play along with the youtube video of Colm O'Donnell place capo on 2nd fret which means you will be playing in the key of E. I have included the music notes in basic letter note format. The capital letters are the lower notes as far as the B and the lower case letters are the high ones.  If your playing it on the tin whistle then ignore that F# because the F is already sharp on the whistle.

Far a(D)way from the (Bm)land of the (G)Shamrock and (F#m)heather

In (D)search of a (Bm)living, as (E7)exiles we (A7)roam

But when(D)ever we (Bm)chance to a(G)ssemble to(F#m)gether

We (D)think of the (Bm)land where we (A7)once had a (D)home:

But these (D)homes are de(Bm)stroyed and our (G)soil confis(F#m)cated

The (D)hand of the (Bm)tyrant brought (E7)plunder and (A7)woe;

The (D)fires are now (Bm)quenched and our (G)hearts deso(F#m)lated

In our (D)once happy (Bm)homes in the (A7)County Ma(D)yo

Long (D)years have now (Bm)passed since with (G)hearts full of (F#m)sorrow

The (D)land of the (Bm)Shamrock we (E7)left far be(A7)hind;

But (D)how we would (Bm)like to go (G)back there to(F#m)morrow;

To the (D)scenes of our (Bm)youth, which we (A7)still bear in (D)mind;

The (D)days of our (Bm)childhood, it's (G)now we re(F#m)call them

They (D)cling to our (Bm)vision wher(E7)ever we (A7)go;

And the (D)friends of our (Bm)youth we will (G)never for(F#m)get them

They (D)too are e(Bm)xiled from the (A7)County Ma(D)yo

From hi(D)storic Ki(Bm)llala, from (G)Swinford to (F#m)Calla

Bally(D)haunis and (Bm)Westport and (E7)old Castle(A7)bar

Kil(D)timagh and Clare(Bm)morris, Bel(G)mullet and (F#m)Erris

Kil(D)kelly and (Bm)Knock that is (A7)famed near and (D)far;

From (D)Balla, Ballin(Bm)robe, Ba(G)llina and Bo(F#m)hola

Kee(D)loges and (Bm)Foxford a (E7)few miles be(A7)low

(D)Newport and (Bm)Cong with old (G)Straide and Ma(F#m)nulla

(D)Charlestown (Bm)too, in the (A7)County Ma(D)yo

Then (D)on with the (Bm)cause 'till our (G)aim is a(F#m)ccomplished

(D)Those who would (Bm)fault us are (E7)cowardly and (A7)mean

So (D)stand in the (Bm)fight 'till the (G)tyrant is (F#m)vanquished

Ex(D)pelled from our (Bm)dear little (A7)Island of (D)Green

With the (D)foes of our (Bm)land we have (G)fought a long (F#m)battle

(D)Soon they will (Bm)get their last (E7)death-dealing (A7)blow

When old (D)Nick has re(Bm)ceived them, their (G)brains he will (F#m)rattle

For the (D)wrongs they have (Bm)done to the (A7)County Ma(D)yo

So (D)boys pull to(Bm)gether in (G)all kinds of (F#m)weather
Don't (D)show the white (Bm)feather wher(E7)ever you (A7)go
Act (D)each like a (Bm)brother and (G)help one a(F#m)nother
Like (D)true hearted (Bm)men from the (A7)County Ma(D)yo


boys from the co. mayo-Irish song lyrics chords


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