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The Boys Of The Old Brigade lyrics and chords

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The Boys Of The Old Brigade Lyrics And Chords-Pat McGuigan. Pat and The Barleycorn had a hugh hit with this one in the early 70s. The sheet music and tin whistle notes for The Boys Of The Old Brigade are included, of course The Wolfe Tones also had a big hit with it. The youtube video will show you how to play the song on guitar. Key of D Major.
"Oh[D] father, why are[G] you so sad, on[D] this bright Easter[A] morn?
When[D] Irishmen are[G] proud and glad
Of the[D] land where [A]they were[D] born."
"Oh,[A] son, I see sad mem'ries view
Of[D] far-off [G]distant[A] days
When,[D] being just a[G] boy like you
I[D] joined the[A] I.R.[D]A.

[A]Where are the lads who stood with me
When[D] histo[G]ry was [A]made?
Oh,[D] gra mo chroi I[G] long to see
The[D] Boys of the[A] Old Bri[D]gade

In hills and farms the call to arms
Was heard by one and all
And from the glens came brave young men
To answer Ireland's call
'Twas long ago we faced the foe
The old brigade and me
But by my side they fought and died
That Ireland might be free


And now, my boy, I've told you why
On Easter morn I sigh
For I recall my comrades all
From dark old days gone by
I think of men who fought in glens
With rifles and grenade
May Heaven keep the men who sleep
From the ranks of the old brigade

Wolfe Tones Tin Whistle Boys Of The Old Brigade
Wolfe Tones Tin Whistle Notes Boys Of The Old Brigade

Wolfe Tones Sheet Music Boys Of The Old Brigade
Boys Of The Old Brigade Sheet Music

With a songwriter as good as Paddy McGuigan
behind them The Barleycorn were destined
for great success, starting out around 1971 they had a raft of hits which included The Men Behind The Wire, The Boys Of The Old Brigade, The Irish Soldier Laddie and Bring Them Home,It was while Paddy was interned on the Maidstone Prison Ship that he wrote the song The Men Behind The Wire, which when released went straight to NO.1 in the Irish charts.The original line up were Paddy McGuigan, Liam Tiernan, John Delaney and Brian McCormack, The line up changed over the years to include Paddy Sweeney and the late Derek McCormack. John Delaney joined with Alec Degabriele 10 years ago to form The New Barleycorn, which are based in America.The songs written by Paddy McGuigan are being kept alive by groups like The Wolfe Tones, The Dublin City Ramblers and hundreds of ballad groups throughout Ireland and the world

The Winds Are Singing Freedom album by The Barleycorn was recorded in Dublin in 1974 with most of the tracks written by their lead singer at the time Paddy McGuigan. One of the best known songs from that album all them years ago was The Boys Of The Old Brigade which later became a big hit for The Wolfe Tones. During the 70s many of The Barleycorn's singles reached the top of the charts in Ireland with little or no airplay from radio stations, even to this day you would have more chance of winning the lotto that hearing a ballad played on Irish radio.


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