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Brendan Behan Lyrics And Chords

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Brendan Behan-Irish folk song Lyrics And Chords, written by Pete St. John, I'm not sure if this song ever got recorded, it was sung by The Irish Tenors. Also included is a poem written by Brendan Slater called Brendan.

[C]Dublin was his [F]City, he was [G7]Dublin born and [C]bred
That's where they Christened him [F]Brendan [Dm]Behan, with a [G7]green flag 'ore his[C] head
When Ireland counts her[F] hero's and her[G7] men of letters [C]too,
Sure I'm [Am]sure that he will ever[C] be, a[G7]mongst the chosen[C few.
For [C]Dublin was his [F]City he was[G7] Dublin born and [C]bred,
That's where they Christened him [F]Brendan [Dm]Behan, with a [G7]green flag 'ore his [C]head
The cold heart of the City, soon became his own
In his second trade his income was made, but he paid the pride alone
So here's a round to Brendan, a russler man and boy
And his will to think in iron ink, and Dublin sham distroy.
The harbour lights is lonely, Henry's Street's gone sour
In in McDaid's his memory fades, but they keep his holy hour
In the Dublin of the living, his name will never die
'Twas the fickle jar eclipsed his star and fools will ask you why

Here's A Poem To Brendan Behan Called ''Brendan'' that was written by Andrew Slater. If you'd like to put music to it and sing it that's fine.

A hostage of the pen while courting with the bottle

Who would listen to the confessions of an Irish rebel?

As the borstal boy grows into a quare old fellow

The leaving party waves him off as the old halls becomehollow

The bell chimes out his words, playing like an auld triangle

Inspired by a laughing boy who was his mother’s idol

The twisting of another rope is all that it takes

And everybody will sing his songs for years after the wake

The big house with its garden party is where he will stay

As slumber brings Shane along to pass the time of day

The captain and the kings play deaf to the song of thesoldier

While to Shane he turns and says “hold your hour and haveanother”

The landlady will keep her hostage no more

The scarperer is moving out, just like 1954


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