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Bright Blue Rose Lyrics Chords

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Bright Blue Rose Lyrics And Chords Christy Moore and Mary Black, written by  Jimmy Mc Carthy,Jimmy is one of Ireland's finest songwriters and a great singer too. He also wrote No Frontiers,The Contender,and many more. The chords I have used here have been simplified and make the song easier to play.

I[D] skimmed across black water,[G]without once sub-merging,
[D]Onto the banks of an urban[A] morning,
That[D] hungers the first light[G] much,much more than the[D] mountains[A] ever[D] do,
And [D]she like the ghost beside me,[G]goes down with the ease of a dolphin,
[D]And emerges un[A]learned un shamed un[D]harmed,
For[D] she is the perfect creature,a[G] natural in every feature,
And[D] I am the geek with the[A] alchemist[D] stone.
For[G] all of[A] you must dis[D]cover,for[G] all who[A] seek to under[D]stand,
For[G] having[A] left the path of[D] others,you'll find a very special[D] hand.
And it is a holy thing and it is a precious time,
And it is the only way,
Forget-me-nots among the snow,it's always been and so it goes,
To ponder his death and his life eternally.
One bright blue rose out-lives all thoes,two thousand years and so it goes,
To ponder his death and his life eternally.

How To Play Bright Blue Rose On Guitar. Key Of D

Here's another easy 3 chord job, you can also play an A7 chord  at ''unharmed'' , .
In the chorus there's another way oy playing using Em and a C chord.
Example -
[Em]For All Of [A]You Who Must Dis[D]cover
[Em]For All Who Se[A]ek To Under[D]stand
[Em]For Having [A]Left The Path Of [D]Others,,[Bm]
[C]You'll Find A [G]Very Special [A]Hand,,[A7]

Jimmy McCarthy
Jimmy McCarthy Songwriter

Jimmy McCarthy from Cork is one of the finest writers in Ireland, Jimmy writes what's called ''Contemporary Ballads'' , and that's the stuff Christy Moore loves to sing, from ''Missing You'', to ''Ride On'' which are both classics, but today I'm having a go at singing the Bright Blue Rose in the key of D, I broke this one down into a three chord job but I also give the other ones which are Bm and C. it's up to yourself which way you want to play it.


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