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BUSKERS 4/4 (Colum Sands, 1996)Lyrics and chords fit Colum Sands’ version from his album ‚All My Winding Journeys’. Use capo on 4th fret. Optional chords: G6=(3-2-0-0-0-0) or (3-2-0-0-2-0), D6=(X-X-0-2-3-0) guitar work Marc Fahrbach

Intro: G-G-G6-G   G-G-G6-G   D-D-D6-D   D-D-D6-D (2x)


I (G)saw them on the (C)streets of (G)Clones
At a (D)Fleadh Cheoil long a(G)go
A white heared (C)man with a (G)fiddle
His (D)brother had an old ban(G)jo
- They're (C)blind - said the woman beside us,
- But by (G)God them boys can play! -
- That's the (D)Swallow's Tail - said my (D7)father
And the (C)music took us (D)all a(G)way -G

And (D)if you stop to (G)listen,
They're (C)playing for (D)you and (G)I.
And their music (D)sings a(C)long the (G)strings.
Between the (C)earth and the (G)sky, between the (D7)eart and the (G)sky

G-G-G6-G   G-G-G6-G   D-D-D6-D   D-D-D6-D

(G)Maggie was a (C)traveling (G)singer
You (D)never heard a voice so (G)strong
When she sang in (C)Newry (G)market
The (D)whole town heard her (G)song
And her (C)voice was known from London
To the (G)streets of Baltimore
For she (D)sang her songs a(D7)long a road
That was (C)often (D)walked be(G)fore. -G

Chorus, using ‚SHE’S playing...’ + ‚and HER music...’

Be(G)side Co(C)logne Ca(G)thedral
A (D)crowd had gathered (G)round
There was singing, (C)there was (G)laughing and
We (D)hurried towards the (G)sound
You (C)said - That's Klaus the Fiddler
He (G)plays here every day
Left the (D)orchestra be(D7)hind him
So that (C)everyone could (D)hear him (G)play -G

Chorus, using ‚HE’S playing...’ + ‚and HIS music...’

On the (G)streets of (C)Sara(G)jevo
Where (D)death walks every (G)day
Smailovic (C)takes his (G)cello
And he (D)slowly starts to (G)play
And the (C)people gather roud him
In the (G)spirit of the market place
His (D)music brings both (D7)tears and smiles (short rest!)
But it (C)changes (D)every (G)face -G

Chorus, using ‚HE’S playing...’ + ‚and HIS music...’

Bridge: G-G-G6-G   G-G-G6-G   D-D-D6-D   D-D-D6-D

And the (G)music (C)echoes (G)all around
No (D)matter where I (G)stray
Like the pan pipes (C)from the (G)Andes
On (D)Grafton Street to(G)day
And (C)some will give them money
And (G)some will ask them why
As the (D)music fills the (D7)lonesome place
Bet(C)ween the (D)street and the (G)sky -G

Chorus, using ‚THEY’RE playing...’ + ‚and THEIR music...’

Outro: G-G-G6-G   G-G-G6-G   D-D-D6-D   D-D-D6-D - G


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