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CN Y CARDI / The Cardiganshire Man’s Song 4/4 (Traditional Welsh Song)
Lyrics and chords fit Siwsann George’s version from her album ‚Traditional Songs of Wales / Caneuon Traddodiadol Cymru’.

Intro: F-C-G-C   C-G7-G-C-C   (equals 2nd half of the chorus)
‚Rwy’n (C)lwypyn (G)mawr o (C)Gardi,
Newydd ddod o’r wlad
Yn (F)giaffar acha (Dm)talcan
Yn (G)ennill mwy na (G7)’nhad.
Cered y (C)byd i’r (G)sawl a (C)fynno
A minna’n llawan iach:
(F)Llymaid (C)’nawr ac (G)yn y (C)man
O (G7)gwrw (G)melyn (C)bach – Repeat Intro
Mae (C)gen i (G)fwyall (C)notid
Ond bod ‚i min hi’n dwy,
A (F)sledge a mandral (Dm)gwilod
A (G)phedwar mandral (G7)cwt.
Rwy’n (C)gallu (G)cwto’n (C)gwnws
Rwy’n gallu cwto’n gam,
Rwy’n (F)gallu holo (Dm)tano,
A (G)llanw petar (G7)dram!
Rwyf (C)inna (G)yn hen (C)goliar
Yn dod tsha thre mord ddu-
Yn (F)iwso c’mint o (Dm)sepon
A (G)gariff gwraig y (G7)ty!
Rwy’n (C)ennill (G)shaw o (C)arian
A’r rheini i gyd yn str,
A (F)phan ddaw mis y (Dm)fala
Rwn’n  (G)mynd tsha dwr y (G7)mr

Chorus  no Intro
English Translation

I am a sturdy Cardiganshire man,
Just arrived from the country,
I’m a boss on the coal-face
Earning more than my dad.

Each to his own pleasure
And me happy and healthy
A drop, now and then
Of small yellow beer.

I have a good axe
Although it’s edge is blunt,
And a sledge and mandral
And four mandrals for cutting.

I can cut he coal exactly
I can cut badly
I can dig underneath
And fill four trams.

I am an old collier
Coming home so black
Using as much soap
As a housewife would wish.

I earn a fair sum of money
And all of which I store
And when the aplle-month comes
I head for the sea-water.


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