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Cearcal A Chuain

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CEARCAL A CHUAIN Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Scottish Gaelic Song. (The Ocean's Cycle) 3/4
To play along to Runrig on their album ‚The Highland Connection’ use a capo the 2nd fret

D-G-D-D   D-A-D-D   D-G-D-D   D-A-D-D

Tha sinn (D)uile air (Bm)cuan
Stiureadh (G)cuairt troimh ar (D)beatha
A' (Bm)seoladh geola (F#m)dhorch
Air (Em)chall an greim na (A)mara
Tha a'(D)ghaoth air ar (Bm)cul
Tha a' (G)gheol a' cumail (D)roimhe
'S cha dean (Bm)uair no an (F#m)cuan
Tonaisgh (Em)dhuinn (A)no ri(D)an

A' (D)mhuir tha i (Bm)ciuin
Tha i (G)fiadhaich tha i (D)farsainn
Tha i (Bm)alainn tha i (F#m)diamhair
Tha i (Em)gamhlasach is (A)domhain
O ach (D)sin tha sinn (Bm)dall
'S chaneil a(G)gainn ach (D)beatha
Tog an (Bm)seol, tog an (F#m)ramh
Gus an (Em)fhaigh sinn (A)astar (D)ann

Ach tha mi'n (D)duil, tha mi'n (Bm)duil
Nuair a (G)bhios a' ghrian dol (D)fodha
Chi iad (Bm)mi a' stiuireadh 'n (F#m)iar
Null a (Em)dh'Uibhist air a' (A)chearcal
Cear(D)cal a' chu(Bm)ain
Gu (G)brath bidh i a' (D)tionndadh
Leam gu (Bm)machair geal an (F#m)lar
Far an (Em)do thoi(A)sich an (D)la
D-G-D-D   D-A-D-D   D-G-D-D   D-A-D-D (2x)

English Translation

We are all on an ocean
Steering a course through life
Sailing a dark vessel
Lost in the grasp of the ocean
The wind is astern
The boat forging ahead
And time and the sea
Makes no sense to us at all

The sea is calm
It is wild, it is vast
It is beautiful, it is mysterious
It is vengeful and deep
O, but we, are blind
and all we have is life
Raise the sail, lift the oars
'Till we get up speed

I intend, I do intend
when the sun is sinking down
To be seen steering a westerly course
On the ocean's cycle to Uist
On the ocean's cycle
Forever I'll be turning
To take me back to the pole machair in the west
Where the day has dawned


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