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Celtic Symphony The Wolfe Tones

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Celtic Symphony The Wolfe Tones Lyrics And Chords, Brian Warfield,Written by brian in 1987 for the 100 anniversary of the Celtic football club,The last verse of Celtic Symphony is shown here for the first time thanks to Ciaran Warfield 

It[Am] was far across the sea when the devil got a hold of me
He[G] wouldnt set me free so he kept me soul for[Am] ransom
Im a[Am] sailor man from Glasgow town I've[G] sailed this world[C] round and round
He's the[Am] meanest thing that I have found in[C] all me[G] days of[Am] rambling
And[Am] I could see his evil eyes but [g]then he took me [c]by surprise
[Am]Take me to your paradise I[Am] want toG] see the[Am] jungle
[Am]Here we[c] go again,were on the[g] road again
Were on the[c] road again,we're on our way to[G] paradise
We love the[C] jungle deep that's where the[G] lion sleeps
For them those[C] evil eyes they have no place in[G] paradise
[Am]Graffiti on the wall just as the sun was going down
[G]Graffiti on the wall -up thje celts up the celts
[Am]Graffiti on the wall says we're magic we're magic
[G]Graffiti on the wall , graffiti on the[Am] wall
''It says ooh[G] ah[Am] up the[G] 'ra say ooh ah up the[Am] 'ra[4 times]
We went through  each jungle deep for the paradise that we did seek
Twas no trip for the weak.we're waiting for the natives
From the Amazon to Borneo from Africa to Tokyo
From the darkest jungles of the world,but no where could I lose him
Around in circles every way he turned to me and he did say
I think your leading me astray I want your soul me boyo
with the devil spitting blood he said take me to your neighbourhood, I'd lose him if I could but he was always there beside me, nah nah etc etc

He took me back to Glasgow town around the world and around around, and the Celts were playing at the Huns ground, so I took him up to Ibrox, Nah nah etc etc.

While mingling with the crowd that day I lost him along the way and you can see him to this very day cheering for the Rangers....nah nah etc.....

Brian Warfield Wolfe Tones Banjo Player


Many years ago, I set out to reconnect Ireland with Celtic because I noticed that the young people in Ireland back in the early eighties were not aware of the connection with the Glasgow club. They were then following Man U, Liverpool and all the English soccer clubs, a Celtic shirt in Dublin was a rarity. I wrote the song, Celtic Symphony, back in 1986 and it took me over a year to complete it.  I wanted to make a great song that would capture the passion of the fans for the club and for their Irish heritage. It was an instant success and shot up the Irish charts, was played even on RTE . The proudest moment of my lifetime is when I hear the Celtic fans sing it at the games, whether away or at home in Celtic Park. I am also very proud that my other song, Let The People Sing, has become an Anthem at Celtic Park.  Now I believe the efforts I made back in the eighties have succeeded, I am very proud when I see the young people of Ireland wearing the Celtic shirt and Ireland  is connected with Celtic again, this time forever. Brian Warfield The Wolfe Tones 2010


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