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How To Change The Key Of A song

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How To Change The Key And Guitar Chords Of A Song. Minor Keys And Major Keys

Change The Key And Guitar Chords Easy

The key and chords I use is the one that suits my voice,too many singer/guitar players insist on playing a song only in the key provided with it, As we all have a different range of voice there is a need to accompany a song in a key that really suits your voice.
Often a key right for one singer may cause another to force the voice into a squeak or a groan,There is a certain amount of change possible without too much fuss with the use of a capo on up to four or five position on the neck,but it pays off the extra effort to change the key without the use of a capo.
This is called transposing a key and gives access to accompaniments either lower or higher in sound than originally printed,once understood any song in any songbook may be tailored to suit your voice, this really pays off when backing up a singer at a session, lets say you already know and play the song yourself. You find yourself with guitar in hand and someone starts to sing a song you already know, you try to back him/her up with the chords that you would normally play for the song and find they are singing in a different key, what to do ? well try find the root chord, thats the chord at the start and mostly the end of each verse. once you find that  then you will know what key they are in and play the chords that go with it.
Example , in the key od D you would play D, G and A.
In the key of G you would play G, C and D
In the key of C you would play C, F and G
     Key and keychord chart for Major key
A       B       C       D       E       F       G 
D       E       F       G       A       Bb     C        
E       F#     G       A       B       C       D
F#m  G#m Am    Bm    C#m  Dm    Em
E7     F#7   G7     A7     B7     C7     D7
A7     B7     C7     D7     E7     F7     G7
Bm    C#m  Dm    Em    F#m  Gm   Am
C#m  Ebm  Em    F#m   G#m  Am   Bm
Em    F#m   Gm   Am    Bm     Cm   Dm
G       A       Bb     C       D        Eb     F
B       C#     D       E       F#       G       A
B7     C#7   D7      E7     F#7    G7     A7
D7     E7     F7     G7      A7      Bb7   C7
The top line is the keys,and the chords below are the the chords that would normally go with that key.
For example the song below is in the key of D and the chords used are: D,G,and A,
This[D] land is[G] your land,this land is[D]my land,To the northern[A]highlands to the western[D]islands
To change the key and chords of the song to G just move over a few spaces to the right to G ,Now the new chords will be G,C and D.
So D=G and G=C and A=D
This is the chart for the minor keys
Am     Bm     Cm     Dm     Em     Fm     Gm
Dm    Em      Fm     Gm     Am     Bbm   Cm
D7     F#7     G7     A7      B7      C7     D7
G      A         Bb      C        D       Eb      F
Em   F#m     Gm     Am      Bm    Cm     Dm
C      D         Eb      F        G       G#      Eb
D      E         F        G        A        Bb      C
E      F#        G       A         B       C        D
F      G         G#     Bb       C        C#     Eb
Bm   C#m     Dm    Em      F#m    Gm    Am
F#m G#m     Am    Bm      C#m    Dm    Em
C#m Ebm     Em    F#m    G#m    Am    Bm
B7    C#7     D7     E7       F#7    G7     A7

This is the easiest way you will ever see of transposing from one key to another, you don't have to read music to do it, I have cut out all the technical bull normally associated with changing keys, study it, most people will have it learned within half an hour, it will serve you well.


Using A Capo To Change Keys
Here's a few tips on the use of a capo.
Place the capo on the second fret,
play a G chord, that G chord is now actually an A chord.
Play a C chord, that C chord now becomes D.
Play a D chord, that D chord is now an E chord.
Play an F chord, the F becomes a G chord
Play an Am chord, the Am becomes a Bm chord.
Play an A chord, the A chord becomes B.
Placing Capo On Forth Fret
With the capo now on the 4th fret.
Play a G chord, that G becomes B.
Plat a C chord, the C chord becomes E
Play a D chord, the D chord becomes F 


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