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Changes Christy Moore

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Changes Song Lyrics And Chords Christy Moore. These are the same chords that Christy sings the song in. No capo. This one is from the Box Set: 1964-2004 Disc 3. Chords by Bob Gibson 2012

[F]Sit by my [G7]side come as [C]close as the [Am]air [F]sharing a [G7]memory of [C]grey,

[F]Wander in my [G7]world, [Em]dream about the [Am]pictures I [F]play, [G7]of [C]changes.

[F]Green leaves of [G7]summer turn [C]red in the [Am]fall [F]to brown and to [G7]yellow they [C]fade.

[F]Then they have to [G7]die [Em]dropped within the [Am]circle grand pa[F]rade [G7]of [C]changes.

[F]Scenes of my [G7]young years are [C]warm in my [Am]mind [F]visions of [G7]shadows that [C]shine,

'til [F]one day I re[G7]turn and [Em]find they were the [Am]victims of the [F]vines [G7]of [C]changes.

[F]The world is spinning [G7]madly a[C]drift in the [Am]dark, it [F]swings through a [G7]hollow of [C]haze,

[F]A race around the [G7]stars, a [Em]journey through the [Am]universe a[F]blaze [G7]with [C]changes.

[F]Moments of [G7]magic will [C]glow through the [Am]night all [F]fears of the [G7]forest are [C]gone.

[F]But When the morning [G7]breaks they're [Em]swept away by [Am]golden drops of [F]dawn [G7]of [C]changes.

[F]Oceans will [G7]part to a [C]strange melo[Am]dy, as [F]fires will [G7]sometimes burn [C]cold.

Like [F]waters in the [G7]wind we are [Em]puppets to the [Am]silver strings of [F]SOUL [G7]of [C]changes..

[F]Our tears will be [G7]trembling when [C]we are somewhere [Am]else, [F]one last cup of [G7]wine we will [C]pour.

I'll [F]kiss you one more [G7]time and leave [Em]you on the [Am]rolling river [F]shore [G7]of [C]changes

Notes By Christy
In 1978 I had a visit from Eamonn McCann from Derry
who brought me a cassette of songs by the late
Phil Ochs. Ochs had being a contempary of Dylans.
This song has always stayed with me, I love to
singit, ''changes'' has passed rigorous testing
for a number of my own contempories dislike in.
There is a flawed rendition on the recent box set.
I had no intention to record it again, it just
seemed to happen. I include it here because I know
some of you like it as much as I do. There is a story
that Phil Ochs came to Ireland in the late 1960s
and appered on The Late Late Show and was made to
leave Dublin in a hurry. I have not being able to
get to the bottom of this story. He did spend some time
with Victor Jara of Chili prior to Victor Jara's murder
by the for of Pin---- that great friend of Margaret Thatcher.


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