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The County Down

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THE COUNTY DOWN 4/4 (Tommy Sands)

Lyrics and chords fit Tommy Sands version from his album ‘Beyond The Shadows’

When (D7)you're out (C)wal(G)king, and there's (D7)no one near (G)you
But a voice keeps (C)cal(G)ling and you hear your (D)name
It's not the (D7)lea(Em)ves or the (D7)whispering bree(G)zes
It's me that's (C)calling you (G)back a(Am)gain

Oh (D7)can you (D)hear (Em)me? Oh can you (C)hear (G)me
As you roam through (D7)lone(Em)ly (C)London (D)town?
When (D7)evening's (C)fal(G)ling you'll (D7)hear me (Em)calling
(G)"Come on (C)ho-(G)ome to (the) (D7)County (G)Down"

Do (D7)you re(C)mem(G)ber the (D7)fiddlers play(G)ing
The songs and (C)sto(G)ries the whole night (D)long?
It’s little (D7)then (Em)that you (D7)thought of lea(G)ving
It seems so (C)strange now that (G)you are (Am)gone

The (D7)fish are (C)dan(G)cing on (D7)Clanrye Ri(G)ver
The teams are (C)spor(G)ting in old Glen(D)vale
My heart no (D7)lon(Em)ger can (D7)lead the chee(G)ring
When you're not (C)playing, it's a (G)different (Am)game

G-C-G-D7 2x
I'm (D7)always (C)drea(G)ming that (D7)things are chang(G)ing
And that they're (C)buil(G)ding a factory (D)tall
And young ones (D7)nee(Em)ded a(D7)gain in New(G)ry
But I still (C)need you the (G)most of (Am)all

(G)"Come on (C)ho-(G)ome to the (D7)County (G)Down"


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