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Cwm Rhondda Chords

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CWM RHONDDA 4/4 (Welsh Hymn) Lyrics and guitar chords with English translation. Welsh Chords And Lyrics

G)Wele’n (D7)sefyll (G)rhwng y (D7)myrtwydd
(G)Wrthddrych (C)teilwng (G)o (D7)fy (G)mryd;
(G)Er o’r (D)braidd ‘rw(G)y’n Ei ad(D)nabod
(G)Ef (C)uw(G)chlaw (C)gwrth(G)ry(D)chau’r (G)byd:
(D7)Henffych (D)fore! (G)Henffych fore!
(G)Caf ei (C)weled fel y (D)ma(D7)e.
(G)Caf ei (D)weled (G)fel (D7)y (G)mae.

(G)Rhosyn (D7)Saron (G)yw Ei (D7)enw,
(G)Gwyn a (C)gwridog, (G)hardd (D7)Ei (G)bryd!
(G)Ar ddeng (D)mil y (G)mae’n rha(D)gori
(G)O (C)wrth(G)ddry(C)chau (G)pen(D)na’r (G)byd ;
(D7)Ffrind pe(D)chadur! (G)Ffrind pechadur!
(G)Dyma’r (C)llywydd ar y (D)m(D7)r.
(G)Dyma’r (D)llywydd (G)ar (D7)y (G)môr.

(G)Beth sydd (D7)imi (G)mwy a (D7)wnelwyf
(G)Ag ei(C)lunod (G)gwael (D7)y (G)llawr?
(G)Tystio ‘r (D)wyf nad (G)yw eu (D)cwmni
(G)I’w (C)gym(G)ha(C)ru a’m (G)Ie(D)su (G)Mawr.
(D7)O, am (D)aros! (G)O, am aros!
(G)Yn Ei (C)gariad ddyddiau (D)f’o(D7)es.
(G)Yn Ei (D)gariad ddy(G)ddi(D7)au (G)f’oes.

English Translation of the original Welsh words

There standing between the myrtle
Is an object worthy of my thoughts;
Even though I barely know Him
He is above all worldly objects:
Hail the morning! Hail the morning!
I may see him as he is,
I may see him as he is.

Rose of Sharon is His name
White and flushed, beautiful in appearance!
He is better than ten thousand
Of the best objects of the world;
Friend of the sinner! Friend of the sinner!
Here’s the pilot on the sea,
Here’s the pilot on the sea.

What is there for me any more
In the base idols of earth?
I testify that their company
Is nothing compared to that of the great Jesus.
Oh, to stay! Oh, to stay!
In his love all the days of my life,
In his love all the days of my life.

English Version

(G)Guide me, (D7)O thou (G)great re(D7)deemer,
(G)Pilgrim (C)through this (G)bar(D7)ren (G)land;
(G)I am (D)weak, but (G)thou art (D)mighty,
(G)Hold (C)me (G)with (C)thy (G)power(D)ful (G)hand;
(D7)Bread of (D)heaven, (G)bread of heaven
(G)Feed me (C)now and ever(D)mo(D7)re;
(G)Feed me (D)now and (G)e(D7)ver(G)more.

(G)Open (D7)now the (G)crystal (D7)fountain
(G)Whence the (C)healing (G)stream (D7)shall (G)flow;
(G)Let the (D)fiery, (G)cloudy (D)pillar
(G)Lead (C)me (G)all (C)my (G)jour(D)ney (G)through:
(D7)Strong del(D)iverer, (G)strong deliverer;
(G)Be thou (C)still my (D)strength and (D7)shield;
(G)Be thou (D)still my (G)strength (D7)and (G)shield.

(G)When I (D7)tread the (G)verge of (D7)Jordan,
(G)Bid my (C)anxious (G)fears (D7)sub(G)side;
(G)Death of (D)death, and (G)hell’s des(D)truction
(G)Land (C)me (G)safe (C)on (G)Ca(D)naan’s (G)side:
(D7)Songs of (D)praises, (G)songs of praises,
(G)I will (C)ever (D)give to (D7)thee;
(G)I will (D)ever (G)give (D7)to (G)thee.


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