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Thomas Keatley Irish Songs

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Thomas Keatley Irish Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords.

Dublin A.M. written and recorded by Thomas Keatley. A little bit of information if your not from Dublin. The Woollen Mills factory was one of the oldest building in Dublin, I think it's now a restaurant. O'Connell is a reference to the Daniel O'Connell Monument which stands proud on O'Connell Street. Liberty hall is the home of S.I.P.T.U formally the Irish Transport And General Workers Union. Ringsend is a suburb on the South side of Dublin. ''Up The Dubs'' is a saying used by Dublin G.A.A. fans.

Dublin am is a sight to behold pm is not to bad (A) either as you walk with a skip as you pass a ould ship in Dublin on a bright summer morn (D) ah the things that you see as you walk down the quay would do your hearth good in the (A) morning to see the blue skies would bring tears to your eyes in Dublin on a bright summers morn
(D) the Woollen Mills still there as she shows of her wares Liffey streets looking good in the (A) sunshine
 As you stroll down Burgh quay your heading for the sea in Dublin on a bright summers morn(D)
O'Connell looking grand up there on his stand as he looks down on the Liffey below him(A) you can feel a slight breeze coming from Eden Quay in Dublin on a bright summers morn (D)
Liberty halls looking tall as she looks down on us all as we go about our business each (a) morning Larkin’s standing there with his head in the air in Dublin on a bright summers morn(D)
Well now were near the end were down in Ringsend i think i'll stop and catch a few mackerel then go in the pub and say up the dubs in Dublin on a bright summers morn

The old wino that sleeps on the quay
Have you seen the old wino that sleeps on the quay
A few years ago he was like you and me
Now he's homeless he's hopeless  hes no family
 Have you seen the old wino that sleeps on the quay.
Repeat chorus

He was happy he was homely he did no one harm
 Then the wife left him for someone with charm
Now he spends his days drinking and trying to forget
What it was like when he had some hope left.
Repaet chorus

When the wife left he seldom went home
He just couldent cope he was no good alone
Straight to the pub he neglected the grub
When his health went so did the job.
The bank took the house he lost all his friends
He's no fixed abode so he sleeps on the road
Repeat chorus

Now the credit cards gone and so is his mind
All he has left is his bottle of wine
He spends his day begging alone on the streets
Have you any old odds can you spare a few bob.
Repeat chorus

Some people say hes a living disgrase
More people say give him a chance
You never know when you might end up that way
And you'd end up sleeping down on the quay
Repaet chorus

If you see a old wino asleep on the quay
 He didn't set out to end up that way
He had hope he had vision he longed for the day
 His kids would get married and he'd give them away
 Now all he has left is a life of regret
 So he drinks and he drinks to try to forget.
He's forty five now but he looks eighty two
he hasen't long left between me and you
Who will mourn the old devil is anyones guess
When he has his last drink and he takes his last breath.

You wont see the old wino that slept on the quay
He's now up in heaven he's since passed away
 He has a new home and a new family
God bless the old wino that slept on the quay


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