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Dublin In My Tears lyrics and chords

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Dublin In My Tears Lyrics And Guitar Chords, Brendan PhelanA brilliant song and one that a lot of people have requested. Thanks to Paul Tyrell for the chords,,,,,some man The Barleycorn were the first Folk group to record it in 1985 and the singer with them at that time was Paddy Sweeney from Ballyfermot, Dublin. By coincidence, he also recorded it with Dublin City Ramblers. This song is regarded by many ballad singers as being the best Dublin song ever written. I have written the sheet music for the mandolin and tin whistle. Damien O'Sullivan is the man who sent me the notes. Also recorded by Patsy Watchorn from The Dublin Legends and by Susan McCann.

I have[C] travelled many lands,and I[C7] still don't understand
How[F] sad you have become on[Dm] my re[G]turn
Your poor[C] heart is filled with care,sad and old they left you there
Your[G] once bright eyes with[C] sorrow[F] softly[C] burn
I can[F] even sense the change in the[C] sound of childrens[Am] games
And the[G] dreams of youth's ambitions have all[C] turned to doubt and fear
It's an[F] age of wealth Im told but I've[C] never felt so[Am] old
As[G] I recall old Dublin in my[C] tears
All the[C] faces that I meet as IC7] roam each one way street
Ref[F]lect the empty[Dm] statements of our[G] time
And the[C] old cathedral bell can't be heard above the swell
For the[G] years  arranged a[C] message[F] in her[C] chimes
All my[F] childhood friends are gone,like the[C] street where I was born
And the[G] time that it has taken doesn't[C] seem so long ago
They have[F] faded in the gloom like 'Sap[C] Kelly' from the[Am] Coombe
Like the[G] ghost of dear old Dublin in my[C] tears.
There[C] were times when jobs were few,there were[C7] hungry days we knew
Some[F] days so bad their[Dm] memory I've[G] cursed
And the[C] prayer I said to God,there on board the Princess Maud
That our[G] children would res[C]tore the[F] pride we[C] lost
But the[F] past we all forsake while we're[C] dancing at her[Am] wake
And the[G] heart of Dublin's dying,but no[C]body seems to care,
And the[F] fools as they pass by,stop to[C] see an old man[Am] cry
I[G] can't forget old Dublin in my[C] tears
Gather[C] round brave men and true,though our[C7] numbers may be few
We'll[F] drink one toast[Dm] before I cross the[G] foam
For soon in[C] London's dark domain,I'll recall how I became
No[G] more a stranger[C] there that[F] here at[C] home
But the[F] liffy flows along and I[C] listen for her[Am] song
And the[G] voice of young James Larkin seems to[C] echo in my ears
But its[F] just the rafters ring,to it's[C] requiem I'll[Am] sing
Fare[G]well to dear old Dublin in my[C] tears,
Fare[G]well to dear old Dublin in my[C] tears[F]..[C] 
Alternative chords: C=G,  C7=G7, F=C, Dm=Am, G=D, Am =Em




Below are the letter notes from the sheet music above. Please note that the small letters are the high notes.
A G    F#   G     A B    A        d    e f#    g     f# e  d
I have travelled many lands and I still don't understand
c#    B     d     c#     d  e        d  c#  B A
How sad you have become on my return
A      G      F#    G  A      B    A      d     e     f#   g     f#    e   d
Your poor heart is filled with care sad and old they left you there
d       e      f#        e      f#    g   e      d       c# d
Your once bright eyes with sorrow softly burns
e f#   ga      g        f#    e         g  g    f#        g   f# e         d
I can even sence the change of the sound of children's games
c#   d     e           e  e        f#e  c#   d    e    f#     e      f#    g     a
And the dreams of youths ambitions have all turned to doubt and fear
g    f# g     a  g          d   B      g   g    f#g      f#   e  d
It's an age of wealth I'm told but I've never felt so old
f# e  e e    f#    g  f#   d  c#  d
As I recall old Dublin in my tears


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