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Optional chords in this song: Gsus4 (3-2-0-0-1-3), G* (3-2-0-0-3-X) The youtube video is live from The Barrowlands in Glasgow and the guitar work is by Marc.


C-G-F-Dm   C-G-C-C (2x)


What (C)makes me (G)walk through (Am)Ireland's (F)shrines
And (Am)Ireland's (G)holy (C)shores
To (C)see a (G)country (Am)cruci(F)fied
Your (Am)beauty (G)crowned in (C)thorns
And (C)as I (G)watch that (Am)wonderous (F)cross
That's been (Am)hewn down and (Em)severed in (G)two -G-Gsus4-G*
There's (C)something (Am)here that (F)draws me (Am)near
To (C)wear the (G)green for (C)you

F-C-G-Am   G-C-G-C


To (C)see you (G)there blood (Am)brother (F)Gael
The (Am)face, the (G)tongue my (C)own
Many (C)places (G)in my (Am)own coun(F)try
Could not (Am)make me feel (G)more at (C)home
(C)Laughter and (G)music (Am)through the (F)night
Your (Am)freedom (Em)in the (G)dark  -G-Gsus4-G*
To(C)night I (Am)swear I'd (F)gladly (Am)wear
The (C)green next (G)to my (C)heart


F-C-G-Am   G-C-G-C (2x)

From the (C)long and (G)rolling (Am)Antrim (F)hills
Through the (Am)wilds of (G)Done(C)gal
The (C)songs of (G)histo(Am)ry are (F)sung
Every (Am)stone on (G)every (C)wall
But (C)here in (G)our land how (Am)can we (F)stand
And (Am)wash our (Em)hands of (G)shame  -G-Gsus4-G*
When the (C)sins of (Am)gene(F)rations (Am)fall
A(C)cross the (G)green like (C)rain

Here (C)one world (G)window (Am)opens (F)wide
And (Am)demons (G)they show (C)face
Some of (C)your men have (G)taken (Am)seeds of (F)truth
And (Am)planted (G)fields of (C)hate
This (C)way has (G)never (Am)won a (F)war
And I (Am)fear that when the (Em)harvest (G)comes  -G-Gsus4-G*
You'll see your (C)freedom (Am)fall on (F)stoney (Am)ground
And the (C)green (G)over(C)grown

F-C-G-Am   G-C-G-C (2x)


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