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Favourite Irish Folk Singers Of All Time

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Most Favourite Irish Folk Singers.
These are the most popular Irish folk singers of all time as voted by members of the public. The voting took place between the 9th and 17th of December 2013. There are about 80 Irish folk singers who made a name for themselves by singing and writing folk songs in the last 50 years or so. I made a list of these singers just to remind the voters of them, but it was left completely up to the voter who they wanted to  see become the most popular Irish folk singer in living memory. Members of the public could vote for anybody, including themselves. Although I made it clear that this vote was only for ''Irish'' singers, I got several entries for international singers. If an entry had international singers along with some Irish one's I gave points to their Irish entry.
I calculated the points something like the way the Eurovision song contest is done, by awarding their first choice with 5 points, their second with 4 points and so on. So the singer awarded the most points became the most popular / favourite Irish folk singer.
The contest was advertised on Google + , on Facebook and also here on this site

Top Singers

Luke Kelly

First place Luke Kelly

Points 1645

Christy Moore

Second place Christy Moore

Points 1140

Liam Clancy

Third place Liam Clancy

Points 870

Ronnie Drew Singing

Forth place Ronnie Drew

Points 695

Finbar Furey

Fifth place Finbar Furey

Points 345


Sixth place Mary Black

Points 315


Seventh place Paddy Reilly

Points 290


Eight place Tommy Byrne

Points 275

Shane McGowan

Ninth place Shane MacGowan

Points 260

Tommy Makem

10th Place Tommy Makem

Points 195

There are already other websites that give the top 100 folk singers of all time but this is just for the Irish singers. On the other sites the top singers were made up from record sales and the influence the particular singer had regarding getting others to follow in their footsteps. Also on the other sites the general public had no input deciding the outcome of the top folkies of all time. So this was your chance to have tour say.

I wasn't a bit surprised with the choice of the first 3 choices as Luke, Christy and Liam are held in very high regard by folk fans, and it was mainly folk fans and musicians who done the voting. I was surprised by the lack of women who took the time to take part, of all the voters, women made up only about 5% of the total. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of people who took part in the vote, although this site is one of the most popular music sites in Ireland and gets on average 16,000 hits a day I was still surprised by the amount of people who took the time to say who's their favourite folk singer from Ireland of all time. I thank you one and all.


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