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Fflat Huw Puw

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FFLAT HUW PUW Lyrics and chords. 4/4 (Trad. Welsh Sea Shanty)

Mae (G)sŵn yn Mhortinllaen, swn (C)hwylie'n (G)codi:
(C)Blocie’i gyd yn (D)gwichian, (G)Dafydd Jones yn (C)gwei(D)ddi:
Ni (G)fedra'i aros gartre (C)yn fy (G)myw;
Rhaid (C)i mi fynd yn (D)llongwr iawn ar (G)Fflat (C)Huw (G)Puw.

Fflat Huw (D)Puw yn (Em)hwylio (B7)heno,
(C)Swn codi (D)angor; mi (G)fyna'i fynd (C)i (G)for(D)io:
Mi (G)wisga'i gap pig gloew tra (C)bydda'i (G)byw,
Os (C)cai fynd yn (D)llongwr iawn ar (G)Fflat (C)Huw (G)Puw.

Mi (G)bryna'i yn y Werddon (C)sane (G)sidan,
(C)Sgidie bach i (D)ddawnsio, a (G)rheiny a bycle (C)ari(D)an;
Mi (G)fyddai'n ŵr bonheddig (C)tra bydda'i (G)byw,
Os (C)ca i fynd yn Gapten (D)llong ar (G)Fflat (C)Huw (G)Puw.

Mi (G)gadwai'r Fflat fel (C)parlwr (G)gore,
(C)Bydd sgwrio (D)mawr a (G)chrafu bob ben (C)bo(G)re;
Mi (G)fydd y pres yn sgleinio (C)ar y (G)llyw,
Pan (C)fydda i yn Gapten (D)llong ar (G)Fflat (C)Huw (G)Puw.

English Translation

There's a sound in Port Dinorwig, the sound of sails being raised:
All the blocks screeching, Dafydd Jones shouting:
I cannot stay at home for the life of me;
I must go to be a sailor true on Huw Puw's Flat.

Huw Puw's Flat is sailing tonight,
The sound of the anchor being raised; I will go to sea!
I will wear a cap with a shiny peak as long as I live,
If I can go to be a sailor true on Huw Puw's Flat.
In Ireland I will buy silk stockings,
Little dancing shoes, and those with silver buckles;
I would be a gentleman as long as I live
If I can go to be a ship's Captain on Huw Puw's Flat.

I would keep the Flat like the best parlour,
There will be much scrubbing and scraping at the start of every morning;
The brass will shineon the steering wheel
When I become ship's Captain on Huw Puw's Flat.


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