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Field Of Dreams - Celtic Song

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The Field Of Dreams - Celtic Football Song Lyrics. This lovely song is in memory of Brother Walfrid founding Father of Glasgow Celtic F.C. From the Blarnet Pilgrims on their  lovely CD.Words and Music Charlie Fealy Brown Bull Music 2000.  About Brother Walfrid  May 1840 - April 1915 R.I.P.His real name was Andrew Kerins.He came from Ballymote in Co. Sligo He was  a Marist  Brother  from the Marist order in Sligo. He came to Scotland in the 1870’s He founded the football Club Celtic Glasgow to raise money to help the poor and the hungry in his parish neighbourhood.

Late last night as I lay down to sleep
I had the strangest dream
And I could not tell this dream from life
So real did it seem
I was standing there in a barren field
One hundred years ago
And the men all around- digging in the ground
Spoke a tongue I did not know
By a brazier bright stood a greyhaired man
Dressed in priest’s attire
He smiled at me - come over son
Warm your hands by the fire
We brought you here down through all the years
For your starting to forget it seems
Why those men all around
Breaking up this ground
Are digging this field of dreams
Well we’re carving out a monument
To the thousands forced to flee
From famine and old Erin grä mo chroi
So down through all the years
You wont forget the tears
Of the hungry children forced to cross the sea
He took me by the hand and led me to a sod
And he picked a shamrock green
He blessed the little flower and he put it in my hand
A gift from the Field of Dreams
We brought the sod from home and there it is a growing
Surrounded by nought but rock and stone
But with the help of God we’ll grow just like that sod
And in Scotland make ourselves a home
(Chorus as above)
If you ever get the chance to stand upon that ground
When the stadium is empty and there’s not a soul around
Listen with your heart-don’t
Listen with your ears
And I swear you’ll hear the voices coming down through the years
(Chorus as above)
In the morning when I woke I was back at home
Safe in my own bed
But I couldn’t help but feel the journey seemed so real
It was more than a dream I’d had
Was I really there one hundred years ago
Standing in that barren field
But in my hand could be seen the little shamrock green
Brother Walfrid gave me in the Field of Dreams
(Chorus as above is played twice  here)

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