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Foghar Nan Eilean Lyrics And Chords

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FOGHAR NAN EILEAN ’78 / THE LAMBS IN SPRINGTIME LYRICS AND GUITAR CHORDS. 3/4 (Runrig)Optional chord in this song Gsus4 (3-2-0-0-1-3), alternatively C major may be used

G-D7-C-C   Am-Am-C-D7   G-D7-C-C   Am-Am-C-D7   G-Gsus4-G-G

G)Tha na duillea(C)gan a' (Am)dannsa
Bho na craobhan (C)anns a' ghaoith
(G)Foghar donn ar (C)bliadhn' air (Am)tionndadh
Nis tha luchd an (C)t-samhraidh(D7) ma (G)sgaoil G-Gsus4-G-G

(G)Sona dh'fhag thu (C)mi le (Am)m'eilean
'S leam na lochan (C)is na baigh
Mo (G)cridh' aig tamh air (C)beanntab (Am)geamhraidh
Nis tha luchd an (C)t-samhraidh(D7) ma (G)sgaoil G-Gsus4-G-G

(Em)Foghar nan (Bm)eilean
(Em)Foghar mu (Bm)thuath
Gheibh sinn (Am)beatha mar a (C)chleachd sinn
Mas (Am)tainig an (C)t-sluagh
Bidh am (Em)fraoch air nam (Bm)beanntan
'S a (Em)choille ruadh fon (Bm)ghrian
'S iad a (Am)sealltain dathan (C)dhomsa
Gus an (Am)till iad a (C)ri(D7)this

(G)Tha an latha seachad (C)buintean (Am)duinnte
Gheibh an caisteal (C)fois na h-oidhch'
(G)Gheibh an t-airgead (C)cadal (Am)socair
Nis tha luchd an (C)t-samhraidh(D7) ma (G)sgaoil G-Gsus4-G-G

(G)Mar a dh'atharraich (C)iad ar (Am)beoshlaint
Mhill iad dualchas (C)cainnt 's ru doigh
Ach (G)fhoghair, crathaidh (C)mi do (Am)lamh
Nis tha luchd an (C)t-samhraidh(D7) ma (G)sgaoil G-Gsus4-G-G

G-D7-C-C   Am-Am-C-D7   G-D7-C-C   Am-Am-C-D7   G

English Translation

The leaves are dancing
From the trees in the wind
The browns of autumn are turning our year around
Now that the summer visitors have gone

Content is the way you left me to my island
The lochs and the bays are all mine
My heart rests easy on the winter hills
Now that the summer visitors have gone

Island autumn
Northern autumn
We can live a little like we used to
Before the crowds came
The heather on the hills
And the sunlit forests
Will reveal their colors for us
Until they return again

The day is over, the shops have closed
The castle will get a night's peace
Money will get some respite
Now that the summer visitors have gone

They changed our means of livelihood
They altered our language and way of life
But autumn, I can only welcome you
Now that the summer visitors are gone


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