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Fred Jordan's Boots

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FRED JORDAN’S BOOTS Song Lyrics And Chords 3/4 (Colum Sands, 2009) Chords fit Colum Sands’ version from his album ‘Look Where I’ve Ended Up Now’

There are (C)monuments (G)raised to (G7)men of the (Am)sword
Who (C)conquered on many's a (G)shore
But to (C)read of their (G)deeds and the (G7)flags they have (Am)planted
I (C)don't stop to (G)look any(C)more
For no (Gm)roods grow on flagpoles nor (F)flowers upon flags
And they (C)all fade away before (G)long
So I'm (C)singing to(G)night for a (C)labouring (F)man
Who (C)planted a (G)garden of (C)song

And it's (C)one step and (G)two we're (G7)following (Am)you
(C)Down by the banks where the (F)primroses (G)grew
(C)One step and (G)two we're (G7)following (Am)you  - Am

The (C)songs you once (G)carried now (G7)carrying (C)you -C-G-G7-C

It's a (C)right step from (G)Auckland to (G7)Fred Jordan's (Am)house
(C)Ten thousand miles, maybe (G)more
But (C)here as we (G)sip by the (G7)volcanoes (Am)lip
The (C)memories (G)pour in by the (C)score
There's a (Gm)black and white photograph (F)up on the wall
Says (C)Roger I’ll show you some (G)more

And (C)back in he (G)comes with the (C)heart of this (F)song
The (C)boots that (G)Fred Jordan (C)wore.


These (C)boots they were (G)made for a (G7)labouring (Am)man
A (C)man who could carry a (G)song
From the (C)fields around (G)Ludlow to (G7)many's the (Am)stage
These (C)boots carried (G)Fred Jordan (C)on
And when (Gm)time overtook him he (F)sensed the last verse
But his (C)song wasn't ready to (G)end
And (C)Roger he (G)knew as he (C)gave them to (F)you
Saying (C)kick out these (G)boots my old (C)friend.


And (C)here in this (G)house where the (G7)volcanoes (Am)sleep
There are p(C)laces and spaces to (G)dream
A (C)song for the (G)morning, a (G7)drink for the (Am)night
And (C)stories for (G)times in bet(C)ween
There's (Gm)food on the table a (F)fire on the hearth
And a (C)welcome for these on the (G)roam
In Taka(C)runga this (G)night I (C)know in my (F)heart
That (C)Fred Jordan's (G)boots are at (C)home



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