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Free And Green Irish Song Lyrics Chords

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Free And Green Guitar Chords And Lyrics, written by Carl Funk with help from David Kincaid. Carl from Seattle America wrote this song while visiting Ireland in 1980, it's a song about his hopes and vision for Ireland. Years later by pure coincidences it turned out that a Captain Taggart had served with the Irish Brigade in the American civle war and some events in the song turned out to be true.  The video is of The Irish Brigade who are an American group and not to be confused with the Irish group with the same name. The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach.

FREE AND GREEN 4/4 (As performed by the Irish Brigade)


Intro (twice):  






Captain (G)Taggart took the (Bm)field with his (C)men as hard as (Am)steel

And we (C)drove the bloody (Am)rebels/traitors to the (D)sea-(Dsus4)-(D)

Be(G)fore the guns had (Em)stilled there were (C)many hundreds (D)killed

There’s (Em)many an Irish (Am)girl sad to(G)night


(G)When the smoke had (Bm)cleared it was (C)just as we had (Am)feared

Captain (C)Taggart lay (Am)wounded on the (D)ground-(Dsus4)-(D)

With his (G)head upon my (Em)knee, there he (C)met eterni(D)ty

I (Em)proudly closed his (Am)eyes and then I (G)cried



And it’s (D)whiskey in the (C)morning, (D)whiskey in the (C)night

An(Am)other Irish (Em)soldier lad has (C)fought his final (G)fight

We’ll (D)toast him ‘til we’re (C)drunk boys and (D)douse the candle(G)light

And (C)tell them, Captain (Am)Taggart he’s (D)coming home tonight


Repeat Intro once


Well we (G)took his body (Bm)home and the (C)drums and pipes did (Am)drone

And we (C)pulled a fine black (Am)casket through the (D)streets-(Dsus4)-(D)

And then (G)told his grieving (Em)wife, that he (C)loved her more than (D)life

And we (Em)gave to his young (Am)son his father’s (G)sword


Now the (G)people they all (Bm)dream of an (C)Ireland free and (Am)green

Where (C)nowhere can be (Am)heard the battle (D)cry-(Dsus4)-(D)

The (G)fighting’s gone too (Em)long, and it (C)just drags on and (D)on

And I’d (Em)like to know some (Am)peace before I (G)die


Repeat chorus twice

Repeat Intro twice

Free And Green Irish Song Lyrics And Chords


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