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Gay Galtee Mountains lyrics chords

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The Gay Galtee Mountains song lyrics and guitar chords. The author remains unknown as do many rebel song writers of the time. probably written late 40s. The version here is the Wolfe Tones version and Marc Fahrbach has transcribed the chords from the Wolfe Tones version below. The singer is Tommy Byrne with lovely harmonies from Brian, Derek and Noel.

Intro: C-C-F-C-F-F


On the (F)gay Galtee (Dm)Mountains one (Bb)morning in (F)May

I'll tell you a (Dm)story that (Bb)happened one (C)day

It's a(F)bout a fair maiden her (Bb)age was six(F)teen

And she (C)sported the colours white, (F)orange (C)and (F)green.


A (F)young British (Dm)soldier was (Bb)passing that (F)day

And he spied a fair (Dm)maiden with (Bb)colours so (C)gay

He (F)rode alongside her and jumped (Bb)from his ma(F)chine

And he (C)tried for to capture the (F)flag of (C)Sinn (F)Féin.




You'll (F)not get these (Dm)colours the (Bb)fair maiden (F)said

You'll not get these (Dm)colours un(Bb)til I am (C)dead

I'll (F)fight by the glenside, it (Bb)remains to be (F)seen

And I'll (C)die for these colours white, (F)orange (C)and (F)green.


T’was (F)early next (Dm)morning in (Bb)Tipperary (F)town

From the gay Galtee (Dm)Mountains this (Bb)young maid came (C)down

She was (F)sick in her heart it was (Bb)plain to be (F)seen

For they (C)murdered Tom Ashe for the (F)flag of (C)Sinn (F)Féin.

Irish rebel song lyrics The Gay Galtee Mountains


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