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Gwenno Penygelli

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Gwenno Penygelli Welsh Song Lyrics And Chords. 2/4

Chorus 2x
Di(G)wec faldi-la-la-la,
Di(C)wec faldi-la-la-(G)la,
Di(C)wec faldi-la-la-(D7)la, la-la-(G)la

Rwy’n (G)ddeg ar hugain oed,
Ac (C)arna’i chwant pri(D7)odi,
(G)Geneth ysgafn droed,
Fel (C)Gwenno Peny(D7)gelli,
Mae (G)ganddi ddillad (Em)crand,
Ac (C)mae hi’n eneth (D)bropor;
Dec(G)punt yn y banc,
Ar (C)ôl modryb (D7)Gaenor.

Chorus 2x
Mae (G)gennyf het Jim Cro
Yn (C)barod i fy (D7)siwrne,
A (G)sgidie o groen llo,
A (C)gwisg o frethyn (D7)cartre.
Mae (G)gennyf dy yn (Em)llawn
Yn (C)barod i’w chroe(D)sawu,
A (G)phedair tas o fawn
A (C)dillad ar fy (D7)ngwely.

Chorus 2x
Mae (G)gennyf ddafad ddu
Yn (C)pori ar Er(D7)yri,
(G)Chwiaden, cath a chi,
A (C)gwartheg lond y (D7)beudy.
Mi (G)fedraf dasu a (Em)thoi
A (C)chanu, a dal yr (D)arad,
A (G)gweithio heb ymdoi,
A (C)thorri gwrych yn (D7)wastad.

Chorus 2x
Roedd (G)yno bwdin pys,
A (C)hwnnw yr hanner (D7)ferwi,
A (G)‚cook’ wedi torri’i bys
A (C)cholli’r cadach (D7)llestri.
Cig (G)y maharen (Em)du
Yn (C)wydyn yn ei (D)gymale,
(G)Potes maip yn gry,
A (C)chloben o baste (D7)fale.
Chorus 2x
English Translation
I am thirty
And desire marriage with
A light-footed maiden
Like Gwenno Penygelli
She has grand clothes
And she is a proper maiden
Tne pounds in the bank
After her Auntie Gaynor.

I have a Jim Crow hat
Ready form y journey
And calfskin shoes
And a suit of homespun cloth
I have a full house
Ready to welcome her
And four piles of meat
And sheets on my bed.

I have a black sheep
That grazes n Snowdon
A duck, cat and dog
And a full coshed full of cattle:
I cand bundle and roof
And sing and hold the plough
And work after without fail
And cut a straight hedge

There was pease pudding
And that was half boiled
A cook with a cut finger
And the lost dishcloth
Black ram’s meat
Tough jointed
Strong turnip broth
And a huge apple pie


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