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Halloween Song Lyrics

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Halloween Lyrics And Guitar Chords -The Wolfe Tones.
A brilliant song from Brian Warfield, and one that's not very well known, even to Wolfe Tones fans, it's songs like this one that gets overlooked by critics of the 'tones. The begrudgers of The Wolfe Tones assume that all the band play are rebel songs. Not so, nearly half of their songs are folk songs with no sign of a rebel in sight.
The guitar chords for this one are from Marc Fahrbach who says it's one of the toughest yet he had to put chords to.

Intro: Dm-Am-Bb-C-Dm (2x)


Was on (Dm)Halloween night on the (Am)eve of November

When (Bb)whistles would (C)sweep through the (Dm)trees

The spirits and ghosts must (Am)make their appearance

And (Bb)dance for the (C)withering (Dm)leaves,


For the (Dm)restless poor souls or (Am)those who are evil

Or (Bb)those who have (C)gone from this (Dm)life

And never watch out and (Am)wear your disguises

They'll (Bb)surly be (C)haunting this (Dm)night,


For (Dm)this is the night, the (Am)night of the evil

Be (Bb)worried at (C)loss of the (Dm)light

For the witches, the demons, the (Am)phantoms, the banshees

Will (Bb)surly be (C)haunting this (Dm)night



So be(Dm)ware young ladies and (Am)wear your disguises

Be(Bb)ware of the (C)dead of the (Dm)night

Take care of yourselves and (Am)wear your disguises

For (Bb)they will be (C)haunting this (Dm)night

So beware, beware, be(Am)ware young fellas

They're (Bb)coming to (C)get you to(Dm)night

Take care of yourselves and (Am)wear your disguises

For (Bb)this is the (C)Halloween (Dm)night


They're out(Dm)side in the garden, they're (C)behind the bushes

They're (Bb)just 'round the corner by the (Am)rivers and rushes

(Dm)Shadows of evening are (Am)haunting this night,

We'll (Bb)dance in the (C) moonlight  to(Dm)night

They're coming to (C)get you to(Dm)night

We'll dance in the (Am)moonlight to(Dm)night

They're in the room watching

They'll (C)come in the shack by the (Bb)old country boreen

The City, the (Am)Town, the Alley the (Gm)Doorway

They're coming all (F)'round you to(Dm)night.

Beware of the (C)loss of the (Dm)light


Repeat Intro 4x


Now the (Dm)witches of evil, (Am)ghosts of the graveyard

Are (Bb)wandering (C)free on the (Dm)stack

The ghosts and the specter, gro(Am)tesque from the grave

Will (Bb)frighten us (C)all on this (Dm)night


So you (Dm)better watch out and (Am)wear you're disguises

They'll (Bb)dance with the demons to(Dm)night

For the spirits, they spook us, the (Am)eerie, the beastly

Are (Bb)wandering (C)free on this (Dm)night


In the (Dm)shadows of evening, by the (Am)light of the moon

By the(Bb) ,,,,,, (C)stars in the (Dm)sky

For this is the night, the (Am)night of the evil

They're (Bb)coming to (C)get you to(Dm)night


Repeat Chorus

Repeat Intro 4x

Wolfe Tones Chords And Lyrics For Halloween


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