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Hearts Of Love

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Hearts Of Love Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords By Tommy Sands. 4/4 timing. Capo 3rd fret. 

Intro: C-G-D-G 4x


There were (D)hearts of (G)love on a (D)far off (G)hill

When the stars came out and they (C)danced their (D)fill

And they (Em)came from (D)near and from (G)far a(C)way

(G)Longing for the (D)dawning of a (G)brand new day -G


And there were (D)starry (G)eyes on that (D)Christmas (G)Eve

When the lights shone own from the (C)Christmas (D)tree

We were (Em)hanging up our (D)stockings and be(G)having so (C)well

(G)Waiting for the (D)jingle of the (G)jingle bells -G



We were (C)wai(G)ting, and our (C)hearts of love went (D)tingle tin(G)gle -G

We were (C)wai(G)ting, and the (C)Christmas bells went (D)jingle jingle

–C-G-D-G   C-G-D-G


And we (D)could not (G)wait till the (D)morning (G)came

Then you’d come around and we’d (C)play all (D)day

As the (Em)years rolled (D)on how our (G)loving (C)grew

Then at (G)Christmas (D)time I’d (G)wait for you -G


Well it (D)seemed no (G)time till the (D)Children (G)came

And we learned to cry and to (C)love a(D)gain

When the (Em)times were (D)hard it was (G)all worth (C)while

(G)Just to watch the (D)wonder in the (G)shining eyes -G




There were (D)dolls and (G)cars and (D)teddy (G)bears

There that sticky chocolate was (C)every(D)where

And I’d (Em)close my (D)eyes when they’d (G)shout and (C)scream

But (G)now it’s so (D)quiet here and (G)oh so clean -G


For (D)Mary’s in (G)London and (D)Joe’s in (G)Rome

And I’d give anything to (C)have them (D)home

(Em)Sailing though the (D)sky like that (G)bright star a(C)bove

(G)Moved by the (D)magic of the (G)hearts of love -G


We are (C)wai(G)ting, and our (C)hearts of love go (D)tingle tin(G)gle -G

We are (C)wai(G)ting, and the (C)Christmas bells went (D)jingle jingle –C-G

We are (C)wai(G)ting, and our (C)hearts of love go (D)tingle tin(G)gle -G

We are (C)wai(G)ting, and the (C)Christmas bells went (D)jingle jingle

–C-G-D-G   C-G-D-G

Song Details
Composer -           Tommy Sands
Album      -            To Shorten The Winter
Genre      -             Irish Folk - Christmas
Guitar Arrangement - Marc Fahrbach


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