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Helicopter Song lyrics and chords

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The Helicopter Song lyrics and chords ''The Wolfe Tones'' written by Sean (Jobby) Mc Ginley, Castlefinn, Co. Donegal   about the escape of three republican prisoners from Mountjoy jail on October 31 1973. The helicopter was hijacked earlier in north Co. Dublin and the pilot forced to fly into the prison grounds. Seamus Twomey, J.B. O'Hagen and Kevin Mallon escaped. The song reached No 1 in the charts.

And it's[G] Up like a bird and high [C] over the [G] city
"Three men are [Em] missing" I [C] heard the warder [D] cry
"Sure it [G] must have been a bird that [C] flew into the [D] prison
Or [C] one of those new Ministers" [D] said the [C] warder [D] from Mount[G]joy
Early one evening as the branchmen they were sleeping
A little helicopter flew in from the sky
Down into the yard where some prisoners were walking
"Get ready for inspection" said the warder in the ŽJoy
Down in the yard through the pushing and the shoving
Three of the prisoners they climbed upon the bird
And up and away they went into the grey skies
"I think someone escaped" said the warder in the ŽJoy
Over in the Dail they were drinking gin and brandy
The Minister for Justice was soaking up the sun
Then came this little message that some prisoners were escaping
"I think itŽs three of the Provos" said the warder in the ŽJoy
"Search every hole search every nook and cranny
Let no man rest until these men are found,
For this cannot happen to a law and order government."
"I think youŽll never find them said the warder in Mountjoy"

The Helicopter Song was written by Sean (Jobby) Mc Ginley, Castlefinn, Co. Donegal
and was the group's first No1 record. It became the
fastest selling record of all time in Ireland.
It went straight into the No 1 slot and became
the first song to ever reach No1 without been
played on radio. It created a sensation at the time
by selling 30,000 units in three days.
The helicopter escape took place on 31 October.
There had just been a change of government
and the warder explained to the press reporters
that he thought it was one of the new ministers
coming to the jail for an inspection.
It was one of the most spectacular prison escapes
of all time.

Wolfe Tones Lyrics And Chords ''The Helicopter Song''


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