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Farewell To Tarwathie Lyrics And Guitar Chords

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FAREWELL TO TARWATHIE Lyrics And Guitar Chords, 3/4 (Scottish Song by George Scroggie)

Lyrics and chords as used by the Ian Campbell Folk Group on the sampler album Borderlands- The Best of Scottish Folk (use capo on 3rd fret for a key of Fmajor)

For YouTube-version by Zekley & Hubert use capo on 5th fret or change chords to G. This song was worked out onh guitar by Marc Farabach. This has a beautiful haunting melody and sounds like another song that I just can't think of,,,,,,,The sheet music notes are included.

Intro:  D-Bm-G-D-Dsus4-D (Dsus4 = XX0233, this chord is optional!)


Fare(D)well tae (Bm)Tarwathie, a(G)dieu Mormond (D)Hill
And the fair land of (Bm)Crimond, I’ll (G)think of you (D)still
I'm bound out for (Bm)Greenland and (A)ready to (D)sail
In the hopes to find (Bm)riches in (G)hunting the (D)whale -G-D-Dsus4-D


A(D)dieu to my (Bm)comrades, for a (G)while we must (D)part
And likewise the (Bm)dear lass who (G)first won my (D)heart
The cold coast of (Bm)Greenland my (A)love will not (D)chill
And the longer my (Bm)absence, more (G)loving she'll (D)feel -G-D-Dsus4-D


Our (D)ship is well (Bm)rigged and she's (G)ready to (D)sail
Our crew they are (Bm)anxious to (G)follow the (D)whale
Where the icebergs do (Bm)float and the (A)stormy winds (D)blow
Where the land and the (Bm)ocean are (G)covered in (D)snow -G-D-Dsus4-D


The (D)cold coast of (Bm)Greenland is (G)barren and (D)bare
No seed-time nor (Bm)harvest is (G)ever known (D)there
And the birds here sing (Bm)sweetly in (A)mountain and (D)dale
But there isn't a (Bm)bird that can (G)sing to the (D)whale -G-D-Dsus4-D


There is (D)no habi(Bm)tation for a (G)man to live (D)there
And the king of that (Bm)country is the (G)fierce Greenland (D)bear
And there'll be no temp(Bm)tation to(A)tarry long (D)there
With our ship bumper (Bm)full we will (G)homeward re(D)pair -G-D-Dsus4-D

farewell to tarwathie sheet music notes

Farewell To Tarwathie chords and lyrics


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