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The Transit Van

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The Transit Van Lyrics And Guitar Chords Written by  Sean Mone and recorded by Seamus Moore

Lyrics and chords fit the YouTube version by Seamus Moore (use capo on 2nd fret) Guitar work by Marc Fahrbach, another comical song from Seamus about the life and times of the man with the transit van

(G)Margaret Thatcher talkin (C)on T(G)V,

looks so sincere as she (D)says to (G)me, -G

There'd (G)be no unem(C)ployment (G)if,

you all used a bit of i(D)nitia(G)tive -G

I was (Em)on the dole I was (C)broken bored

Says (G)I, I'd take her (C)at her (G)word

Got a (Em)loan from the credit (C)union man, -C

And (G)bought meself a (D)transit (G)van.


Me (G)next step up the (C)ladder (G)now,

I bought meself an (D)auld fat (G)sow, -G

(G)Cross the border quite (C)legal(G)ly?,

Collected a common market (D)subsi(G)dy, -G

Signed (Em)all the forms, handed (C)back the pen.

(G)Smuggled the sow back (C)home a(G)gain,

Ten (Em)times a day I (C)worked this plan, -C

Me(G)self, and the sow, and the (D)transit (G)van,


(G)Travel sickness the (C)sow picked (G)up,

Says I, it's time to di(D)versi(G)fy, -G

Took (G)all me money from the (C)biscuit (G)tin,

Filled the van to the roof with (D)whiskey and (G)gin, -G

A(Em)round the South me (C)wares I'd sell,

In (G)public houses (C)and ho(G)tels,

There was(Em)never a guard nor a (C)customs man, -C

Put his (G)nose inside the (D)transit (G)van,


At (G)festivals and (C)fleadhs and (G)fairs,

If the craic was good you'd (D)find me (G)there, -G

At (G)all big matches (C)in Croke (G)Park,

And I danced with Springstein (D)in the (G)dark, -G

I (Em)fought with the tinkers in (C)Ballinasloe,

I (G)danced on streets a(C)round Lis(G)towell,

(Em)Mothers had their (C)daughters warned, -C

Stay (G)well away from the (D)transit (G)van,


It (G)being Lent and the (C)drink trade (G)slow

I took to carrying (D)vide(G)o -G

While (G)on the road to (C)Bally(G)bay

Found a customs roadblock (D)in me (G)way -G

To (Em)face the border I (C)got her turned,

The (G)engine roared and the (C)tires (G)burned,

(Em)Five patrol cars (C)fully-manned,-C

Were in (G)hot pursuit of the (D)transit (G)van


(G)Through Clontbrit (C)I did (G)go,

I was heading for the (D)county Ma(G)yo, -G

(G)Round the corner I (C)hit a (G)dog,

Went over the ditch landed (D)in the (G)bog, -G

I (Em)sat on a bank watched (C)all I owned,

Sinkin (G)in a bog hole (C)like a (G)stone,

She was (Em)lying on the roof with the (C)wheels still turning, -C

And the (G)stereo playing (D)Daniel O'(G)Donnell.


(G)Now I'm back where I (C)first be(G)gan,

No job, no money, but (D)I've a (G)plan, -G

There's a (G)girl down in (C)Mullin(G)gar,

She can hold me future (D)in her (G)hand, -G

 She doesn't look like a film star
but she's been telling me about her dad.
He has no property or land
but he has two sows and a transit van.

The Queen of England drives a RollsRoyce car,
her son Charly has a Ja-gu-ar.
But when the Pope came to I-re-land
 - like meself -
he drove around in a transit van!



The Transit Van- Irish Song Lyrics


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