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The Marching Season Lyrics Chords
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Lyrics as chords as used by Colum Sands on ‚The March Ditch’ Album, Along with drinking, gambling, music and Gaelic football [in that order] parades are another important part of the Irish culture, more so in the North of Ireland that down south. These parades have caused controversy for decades with outbreaks of violence common place. Colum Sands takes a look at this issue from a different angle where he suggests we should have a special season for marching, a fifth season in the year. Good thinking Colum

Last (C)night I awoke with the (F)thought in my (C)head
That in(F)stead of four (C)seasons we (G)have five instead
For (C)somewhere inside of where (F)summer should (C)be
Is the (F)season of (C)marching for (G)marching must be

Chorus (Repeat after each verse)
And we're (C)marching, (F)marching, (C)marching, (G)marching a(C)gain.


Now (C)four of the seasons give (F)forecasters (C)pain,
(F)Will it be (C)sunshine or (G)will it be rain,
(C)Munster says hailstones and (F)Connaught says (C)blow
(F)Leinster says (C)sunshine and (G)Ulster says snow.

But (C)each year the fifth season's (F)easily fore(C)cast,
Don't (F)look at the (C)weather map, (G)look at the past,
(C)Temperatures high and (F)tolerance (C)low,
If you've (F)somewhere to (C)go it's the (G)right time to go.

Then says (C)I to myself now if (F)marching must (C)be,
(F)Let's do the thing (C)right so the (G)whole world can see,
We'll (C)build a big stadium (F)centrally (C)placed,
With a (F)circular (C)route where the (G)marchers can pace.

To (C)build such a place would throw (F)lots off the (C)dole,
(F)Stones could be (C)thrown in a (G)meaningful role,
As (C)builders and masons re(F)gardless of (C)creed,
Build the (F)big marching (C)stadium we (G)so badly need.

There's be (C)seating for tourists to (F)sit and to (C)stare,
In our (F)wonderful (C)heritage (G)they'd have a share,
And a (C)fiver a seat isn't (F)money in (C)vain,
To (F)travel three (C)centuries (G)down memory lane.

(C)Riot facilities (F)would be pro(C)vided,
(F)Dressing rooms (C)could be hired (G)mixed or divided,
And to (C)really pull in massive (F)crowds we could (C)hope,
For (F)annual (C)concerts by (G)Queen and the Pope.

Then (C)marchers could march all the (F)whole year a(C)round,
No (F)longer the (C)trouble of (G)marching through towns,
(C)Safe in the stadium the (F)glorious (C)past,
While the (F)rest of us (C)turn to the (G)present at last.


Chorus twice

The Marching Season Chords By Marc Fahrbach - And Irish Song


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