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Barney Hare Lyrics And Chords

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Barney Hare Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords.Folk Song- Recorded by Finbar and Eddie Furey in 1972, and by Brendan Moriarty 1992, the video is by Ryan's Fancy 1974, unknown songwriter-The guitar chords are by Marc Fahrbach.


Oh, I'm (Em)Barney Hare from the (D)County Clare,

And (Bm)Ireland I was (D)born in;

I (Em)pawned me coat for to (D)take the boat,

And I (G)landed (D)here this (Em)morning.


Ah now, (Em)when I landed (D)on the quay,

Sure, I (Bm)found meself in (D)danger;

Some (Em)boys began to (D)follow me,

For they (G)knew I (D)was a (Em)stranger.

Says (G)one of them, "Give me that stick!"

From me he tried to snatch it;

So I (C)brought it (G)down u(Am)pon his (G)crown,

With a (Em)blow that made him (C)scratch (G)it.




Now I (Em)walked in peace and (D)quietness,

Till I (Bm)came to the big church (D)steeple;

Says a (Em)fellah to me: "Take (D)in your feet,

Can't you (G)see you're (D)trippin' the (Em)people?"

Says (G)I to him, "Give me none of your guff."

Says he, "Give me none of your Blarney."

So I (C)hit him a (G)clout at the (Am)foot of the (G)snout,

And I (Em)says, "Remember (C)Bar(G)ney."




Ah (Em)now, I can dance an (D)Irish jig,

Have you a (Bm)job of journey (D)work, sir?

Sure, I've (Em)got a heart as (D)big as gold,

I (G)plow the (D)fields like (Em)Turks, sir.

At the (G)harvest fair you'll find me there,

All the latest songs I'll sing, sir;

I'm (C)Barney (G)Hare from the (Am)County (G)Clare,

I can (Em)make the rafters (C)ring, (G)sir.


Chorus twice


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