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An Emigrant's Daughter Lyrics Chords

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An Emigrant's Daughter Irish Song Lyrics Guitar Chords 4/4 time, written by Barry Taylor, guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach-requested by Christian Schwarz who's a big fan of Irish music. To play along with the youtube video place capo on the first fret of guitar.

Oh (Em)please ne'er for(Bm)get me though (G)waves now lie (D)o'er me

I was (Em)once young and (Bm)pretty and my (F#m)spirit ran (Em)free

But destiny (Bm)tore me from (G)country and (D)loved ones

And (Em)from the new (Bm)land I was (F#m)never to (Em)see.


A poor (G)emigrant's (D)daughter too (Em)frightened to (D)know

I was (Em)leaving for(Bm)ever the (F#m)land of my (Em)soul

Amid (G)struggle and (D)fear my (Em)parents did (D)pray

To place (Em)courage to (Bm)leave o'er the (F#m)longing to (Em)stay.



They (Em)spoke of a (Bm)new land far a(G)way 'cross the (D)sea

And of (Em)peace and good (Bm)fortune for my (F#m)brothers and (Em)me

So we parted from (Bm)townland with much (G)weeping and (D)pain

'Kissed the (Em)loved ones and the (Bm)friends we would (F#m)ne'er see a(Em)gain.


The (G)vessel was (Bm)crowded with (Em)disquieted (D)folk

The es(Em)cape from past (Bm)hardship sus(F#m)taining their (Em)hope

But as the (G)last glimpse of (D)Ireland faded (Em)into the (D)mist

Each (Em)one fought back (Bm)tears and felt (F#m)strangely a(Em)lone.



The (Em)seas roared in (Bm)anger, making (G)desperate our (D)plight

And a (Em)fever came (Bm)o'er me that (F#m)worsened next (Em)night

Then delirium po(Bm)ssessed me and (G)clouded my (D)mind

And (Em)I for a (Bm)moment saw that (F#m)land left be(Em)hind.


I could (G)hear in the (Bm)distance my (Em)dear mother's (D)wailing

And the (Em)prayers of three (Bm)brothers that (F#m)I'd see no (Em)more

And I (G)felt father's (D)tears as he (Em)begged for for(D)giveness

For (Em)seeking a (Bm)new life on the (F#m)still distant (Em)shore.


Repeat 1st verse

Irish song lyrics guitar chords An Emigrant's Daughter


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