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A place in the choir lyrics chords

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A Place In The Choir lyrics and chords. Written By Bill Staines, recorded by The Clancy Brothers And Tommy Makem, also by The Barleycorn. The youtube video is by some friends of mine called Morning Dew which was recorded at The Fingal Folk Club at St.Patricks Hall in Ballyboughal Co.Dublin. Ronnie is on guitar and Ted plays the four string banjo. Great version lads. This song was also recorded by Celtic Thunder.

All[D] God's creatures got a place in the choir,
[A7]Some sing high and some sing lower,
Some[G] sing out on the telophone[D] wire
[A7]Some just clap their[D] hands their paws or anything they got.
[D]Listen to the bass its the one at the bottom
Where the[A7] bull frog croaks and the[D] hippopotamus
[G]Moans and groans in the big tat[D]too
And the old cow just[A7] goes[D] moo
Listen to the top with the little birds singing
And the melodies,and the high notes ringing
And the hoot-owl cries over everything
And the blackbied disagrees
Singing in the night time singing in the day
And the little duck quacks and he's on his way
And the other hasn't got much to say
And the porcupine talks to himself
Its a simple song sung everywhere
By the ox and the fox and the grizzle bear
The dopey aligator and the halk above
The sly old weasel and the turtle dove 

The lyrcis and chords fit Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem on their album ‚The Makem & Clancy Collection’. Use a capo on the 3rd fret to change the key to F major. There is also a modern version of this song by Celtic Thunder Heritage in a key of G major (D=G, A=D, G=C) which is very similar except for a changed verse sequence

Intro: sing one chorus a capella

(D)All God's creatures got a place in the choir,
(A)Some sing low and (D)some sing higher,
Some (G)sing out loud on the telephone (D)wire,
(D)Some just (A)clap their (D)hands or paws or anything they got (now)

Repeat chorus instrumentally

Well (D)listen to the bass its the one on the bottom,
Where the (A)bullfrog croaks and the (D)hippopotamus,
(G)Moans and groans with a big to (D)do,
And the (D)old cow (A)just goes (D)moo.

The (D)dogs and the cats, they take up the middle,
Where the (A)honeybee hums and the (D)cricket fiddles,
The (G)donkey brays and the pony (D)neighs,
And the (D)old gray (A)badger (D)sighs. –Oh!

Repeat chorus instrumentally

(D)Listen to the top with the little birds singing,
And the (A)melodies and the (D)high notes ringing,
And the (G)hoot-owl cries over every(D)thing,
And the (D)blackbird (A)disa(D)grees.

(D)Singing in the night time singing in the day,
And the (A)little duck quacks and he's (D)on his way,
And the (G)otter hasn't got much to (D)say,
And the (D)porcupine (A)talks to him(D)self. –Oh!

Repeat chorus instrumentally

Its a (D)simple song living song everywhere,
By the (A)ox and the fox and the (D)grizzly bear,
The (G)grumpy alligator and the hawk a(D)bove,
The (D)sly old (A)weasel and the (D)turtledove.

Chorus 2x
Repeat chorus instrumentally


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