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Corryvreckan calling McCalmans Lyrics Chords
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Corryvreckan calling Lyrics And Chords The McCalmans- chord fit the McCalmans’ version from their album ‚Coming Home’ (use capo on 2nd fret) For DSus2 = (X-X-0-2-3-0) just play D major and lift your e-string-finger for one short moment-Guitar work by Marc Fahrbach. The McCalmans Lyrics And Chords

Intro:   G-Am-C-D-DSus2-D (2x)


A(G)lone on the deck in the (C)morning lights
(D)She looks out west to (Em)where the islands (C)lie
(Am)As the (G)ferry boat pulls a(D)way -DSus2-D
(G)Down in the bar where the (C)old men smoke
(D)Tell their tales and (Em)share their old men's (C)jokes
(Am)Sunlight (G)shining through the (D)grey -DSus2-D
(Am) She lifts her (C)hands as if to (G)shade her eyes -Em-D-DSus2
(Am) And in the (C)morning light she (G)scans (Em)hor(C)i(D)zons



(G)She had a dream of an (Am)island home,

A (C)soft wind blowing and (D)Corryvreckan (G)calling, (Em)calling,

(C)Far out at (D)sea -DSus2
(G)Down in the fields where the (Am)children play,

(C)They come home just (D)as the light is (G)falling, (Em)falling,

The (C)children come (D)home at close of (C)daa(G)ay

The (C)children come (D)home at close of (G)day -Am-C-D-DSus2-D


(G)Born in the streets on the (C)town's dark side,

(D) You learn to run, you (Em)learn to run and (C)hide
(Am)Run (G)anywhere but (D)here -DSus2-D
(G)Other girls dreamt of being (C)TV stars

Or (D)making a break in (Em)some fast, shiny (C)car
(Am)Far, (G)far a(D)way -DSus2-D
(Am) The old folk (C)told her tales of (G)peat smoke (Em)fire (D)nights -DSus2
(Am) And in her (C)dreams she sees the (G)gliste(Em)ning (C)star(D)lights




(G)She got a job in a (C)hotel bar
A (D)room of her own - a (Em)window to the (C)stars
(Am)Under (G)Hebridean (D)Skies -DSus2-D
(G)She walks on the beach in the (C)morning rain,

(D)And smiles and thinks of (Em)just how far she's (C)come
(Am)Sunlight (G)dazzling her (D)eyes -DSus2-D
(Am) And if the (C)chance it comes I (G)think she'll (Em)take (D)it -DSus2
(Am) And after (C)all you know I (G)think (Em)she'll (C)make (D)it





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