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THE BROOM O’ THE COWDENKNOWES 4/4 (Traditional Scottish Love Ballad)

Male’ Version As sung by the McCalmans’ on their album ‚Scots Abroad’ (using capo on 1st fret)

Intro   C-Dm-Em-G   C-Dm-F-G-G


How (C)blithe was (Em)I each (F)morn to (C)see 
My lass come (Am)o'er the (F)hill 

(C)She skipped the (Em)burn and she (Am)ran tae (C)me 

(F)I met her wi’ good (G)will. 


(C)O the (Em)broom, the (F)bonnie, bonnie (C)broom 
The broom o’ the (Am)Cowden(F)knowes 

(C)Fain would I (Em)be in my (Am)ain coun(C)try
(F)Herding her father's (G)ewes

Repeat Intro

Hard (C)fate that (Em)I should (F)banished (C)be 
Gone way o'er (Am)hill and (F)moor 
Be(C)cause I (Em)loved the (Am)fairest (C)lass 
(F)That ever yet was (G)born 


Chorus + Intro

Fare(C)well, ye (Em)Cowden(F)knowes, fare(C)well 
Farewell all (Am)pleasures (F)there 
(C)To wander (Em)by her (Am)side a(C)gain 
(F)Is all I crave or (G)care


Chorus 2x

Instrumental chorus + Intro 2x + final C-chord


‚Female’ Version

As sung by the McCalmans’ on their album ‚Turn Again’ (use chords as above without capo)


How blithe I was each morn to see
My love come o' er the hill
He left the burn and he blew tae me
I met him wi' good will


O, the broom, the bonnie, bonnie broom
The broom o' the Cowdenknowes
Fain would I be with my ain true love
Wi' his pipy and my ewes


I neither wanted ewe nor lamb
When his blass lay by me
He gathered in my sheep at night
And he cheered me all the day


He tuned his pipe and reed sae sweet
The birds stood list'ning by
Even the dull cattle stood and gaz 'd
Charm 'd with his melody


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