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The Collier Laddie
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THE COLLIER LADDIE Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (Traditonal Scottish Song)Corries’ arrangement with chords

I've (D)traveled east and I've traveled west,

I've (G)traveled by Kir(D)kaldy,

But the bonniest (C)lass that (D)e'er I saw,

She was (G)following a (D)collier (A)lad(D)die.


"(D)Whaur dae ye bide my bonnie lass?

Come (G)tell me what they (D)ca' ye."

"Bonnie Jean (C)Gordon (D)is my name,

And I'm (G)followin' ma (D)collier (A)lad(D)die."


"Dae (D)you no see yon hills and dales

The (G)sun shines on sae (D)brawly

They’re all (C)mine and they (D)shall be thine

If (G)ye’ll gie up yer (D)collier (A)lad(D)die."


"And (D)you will walk in silk attire

(G)Busk it up sae (D)gaudy

With one to (C)wait on (D)every hand

When (G)ye gie up yer (D)collier (A)lad(D)die."


"Tho’ (D)you had aa’ the sun shines on

The (G)earth conceals sae (D)lowly

I’d turn my (C)back u(D)pon them all

Tae em(G)brace my (D)collier (A)lad(D)die."


Then (D)he has gone tae her faither dear

Tae her (G)faither gone sae (D)brawly

"Gie tae (C)me yer (D)bonnie wee lass

That’s (G)followin’ the (D)collier (A)lad(D)die."


"I’ll (D)gie her hands, I’ll gie her rents

(G)I’ll make her a (D)lady

I’ll make her (C)one o’ a (D)higher degree

Than tae (G)follow a (D)collier (A)lad(D)die."


Her (D)faither than baith vowed and swear

"(G)Tho’ he be black he’s (D)bonny

She’s a mair de(C)light in (D)him I fear

Than (G)ye and (D)all yer (A)mo(D)ney."



Traditional 17th century lyrics


I've traveled east and I've traveled west

And I've traveled owre Kirkaldy,

But the bonniest lass that e'er I spied,

She was followin' her collier laddie.



Laddie, O laddie,

The bonniest lass that e'er I spied,

She was followin' her collier laddie.


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