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The Dublin Minstrel Lyrics And Chords - Luke Kelly Tribute

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The Dublin Minstrel Song lyrics and guitar chords. A great tribute to Luke Kelly. Written by O'Donoghue, my thanks to Paul Tyrell for the guitar chords. well done. Recorded by The Dubliners with Patsy Watchorn doing the singing.

From[C] Dublin[F] streets and roads and down the years
Came grea[C]t musicians and balla[G]deers
There was a[C] special one.a red haired[F] minstrel boy
And when he[C] passed away,a city[G] morned its favorite[C] son
All[C] around the markets and down the[F] quays
The sad[C] news spread to the liber[G]ties
The minstrel[C] boy is gone,he'll sing no[F] more,
And[G] Luke somehow[C] we know,we'll never see your likes again.
He liked to laugh and sing,he loved a jar
And his songs rand out in many city bars
I walked by the old canal near which he used to live
Down Raglan Road I'm sad as he'd so much left to give
Now the show is over,the curtain's down
A flame no longer burns in Dublin Town
While the Liffy flows beneath the Ha'penny bridge
You'll be remembered Luke for all your songs and all you did. 

Fingal Folk Club Ballyboughal Co. Dublin
I have been meaning to give these lads a mention for ages. They run The Fingal Folk Club in Ballyboughal Co. Dublin. Morning Dew is the name and the lads host the session every Friday night from 8-10Pm. It's an open session away from the pub scene and they give the young people a chance to sing and play their music with a band. All are welcome to join in this friendly gathering of young and old. No alcohol allowed. The song being played in the video is The Dublin Minstrel with Ted O'Reilly singing, Ronnie Delaney on guitar and V Delaney on Bodhran.

When Patsy Watchorn joined The Dubliners I thought he would bring some songs with him from the time he was with The Dublin City Ramblers. The Ramblers were as popular as The Dubliners at the height of their success during the 70s and 80s with songs like Dublin In My Tears, Luke Kelly Land, The Punch And Judy Man, Take Me Home To Mayo.
Patsy is one of the best ballad singers to come out of Ireland and when he joined The Dubliners that was the time to inject some new life into the group, as Ronnie Drew said on a number of occasions the group were getting a bit stale singing the same old songs all the time so he went solo.

Temple Bar Dublin Ireland
Temple Bar Dublin

Dublin Minstrel Piano Keyboard Notes

patsy watchorn banjo player

F#     F#  E   D           A    A       D     D       C#   B
From Dublin Streets and roads And down the years
B         C#    D  A F#      F#  G F#  E
Came great musicians and balladeers
F#      F#   E  D  A     A   D  D    C#       C# C#    B
There was a special one a Red haired minstrel boy
B     C#     D   A         F#F# F#  GF#  E       E    D   E    D
And when he passed away a   City morned it's favorite son
F#  F# F#  E   D        D    D       C#  B
All around the markets and down the quays
B     C#D  A      F#       F# F#  G F# E 
The  sad news spread to the Liberties
F#   F#   E     D   A  A     D      D     C# B 
The Minstrel boy is gone he'll sing no more
B     C#     D      A      F#  F#     F#     G F#   E    E    D   E D
And Luke somehow we know, we'll never see your likes again
The image of the notes didn't turn out as well as I expected so here they are again. The bold text are the low A notes. This song was requested by a piano accordion player, as I don't have one I decided to get out the old Yamaha keyboard and give it a try. I haven't played it in donky's years. Still it's not to bad.


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