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Bonnie Jeannie O'Bethelnie

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Bonnie Jeannie O'Bethelnie Guitar Chords And Lyrics. Traditional Scottish Song, recorded by Dick Gaughan, the video is by Dick who plays a mixture of picking out the melody and adding chords at the same time. He also changes the timing in places from the original which I have here.
[Dm]Thair wis fower an twanty [F]nobles stood [Dm]at the king's [C]haa
An [F]bonnie Glen[Dm]logie wis the [F]flooer o thaim [Dm]aa
[Dm]Thair wis fower an twanty nobles rade thro Banchory fair
An bonnie Glenlogie was the flooer o thaim thair

[Dm]There was six and six [F]maidens sat in the [Dm]king's [C]haa
[F]Bonnie Jeannie o [Dm]Bethelnie wis the [F]flooer o [Dm]thaim aa
[F]Doun cam Jeannie [Dm]Gordon she cam [F]trippin doun [Dm]stairs
An she's chosen Glenlogie o aa that wis thair

Glenlogie, Glenlogie, gin ye'll prove kind
My luve is laid on ye an A've tellt ye my mind
Bit he's turnt him roun lichtlie, like the Gordons does aa
A thank ye, Jeannie Gordon, bit A'm promist awa

She's caad tae her maidens tae mak her a bed
Wi ribbons an napkins tae tie up her head
Bit out spak her faither an a wey man wis he
A'll wad ye tae Dumfendrum, he's mair gowd than he

Och, haud yer tongue, faither, for that maunnae be
Gin A getnae Glenlogie than for him will A dee
Bit her faither's ain chaplain, a man o great skill,
He's wrate a braid letter an indytet it weill

A pox on ye, Logie, nou sin it is so
Thair's a ladie's luve is on ye, maun she die in her woe?
An a pox on ye, Logie, nou sin it is time
Thair's a ladie's luve is on ye, maun she die in her prime?

Whan Logie got the letter, he bein amang men
It's out spak Glenlogie, whit does young women mean?
Whan he lookit on the letter, than a licht lauch gied he
Bit ere he read owre it, the tear blint his ee

Gae saddle me the black horse, gae saddle me the broun
Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie'll be deid ere A win
Bit the horses werenae saddled, nor lead on the green
Till bonnie Glenlogie wis three mile his lane

An sae pale an wan wis she whan Glenlogie he cam in
Bit it's reid an rosie grew she whan she kent it wis him
Whaur lies yer pain, ladie, does it lie in yer side?
Whaur lies yer pain, ladie, does it lie in yer heid?

O na, na, Glenlogie, ye're faur frae the pairt
For the pain that A lie under, it lies in my hert
Turn roun, Jeannie Gordon, turn roun on yer side
An A'll be the bridegroum an ye'll be the bride

Nou Jeannie's gotten mairriet an her tocher's doun tauld
Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie wis scarce saxteen year auld
O Bethelnie, o Bethelnie, ye shine whaur ye staun
An the heather bells aroun ye shine owre Fyvie's laun
Dick Gaughan explains the changes he made to the song.

Bonnie Jeannie O Bethelnie


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